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Moncton No. 1 Council

Moncton No. 1 Council - The Center is located at 1 Curry St., PO Box 25085, Moncton, NB  E1C 9M9.  The Phone number at the Center is (506) 383-7303.

Moncton No. 1 Council - The Center is located at 1 Curry St., PO Box 25085, Moncton, NB  E1C 9M9.  The Phone number at the Center is (506) 383-7303.

"A Brief History" -  CN Pensioner's Moncton Council #1 is affiliated with the National Council of CN Pensioners Associations Inc.. as recorded on October 16, 1979, document 29 film 445.  Historically, the group in Moncton reaches back more than 60 years and operated under different names, such as the Retired Railway Employees Association Inc.  Records remaining from that time show that they met at the Appleton Club, the Odd Fellows Hall, or later in the 1980's in the Lion's Centre.  In the mid 1980's, meeting rooms were established in the Atlantic Building and continued there for about 10 years.  From 1993 until the Centre opened in 1995, meetings were held at the Union Centre.  The business concerns of long ago were much like in today's meetings.

It was time for a "new home" - During the early 90's a financial campaign was put in place.  CN generously donated the land, donations came in from CN employees and their families.  Grants were obtained from the Provincial and Federal Government. The official opening of the CN Pensioners Center was on Friday, September 15th, 1995.  We, today thank those who had the wisdom, foresight and a vision for the future.

The Centre on Curry Street is available to members for various recreational activities and will accommodate about 125 in a wheel chair accessible hall.  It has a small kitchenette, pool tables, dart boards (for the "active") and television and video-player  and videos for the  "inactive".  The limited amount of reading material to be found there may include the latest newsletter from CN or VIA,.

In 2002 a computer system was purchased and the Communication Committee is more than happy to provide "basic introduction to computer" training to any member of interest on request.  All one has to do is call the Centre and leave a message.  Your call will be returned at the earliest convenience and one of the committee members will confirm a meeting date and time for you.

Regular Meetings are held at 1400 hrs on the third Thursday of the month, except July and August, when no meetings are held and December when the usual date is moved ahead for the Annual Christmas Party.  These meetings provide members an opportunity to hear reports of National Officers, the latest scuttle-butt on the pension board, blue-cross or something as simple as a discussion of News paper reporter's vain attempts to describe railway equipment.  You must agree that over the years of CTC and other government agencies inspections, the description of Railway happenings was developed to a precise art best understood by employees.  The meetings also provide old work buddies a reason and place for a little "bragging" or story telling.


President Bruce Peacock
1st Vice-President Reg Hebert
2nd Vice President Earl Garland
Secretary Treasurer Royce Girvan
Recording Secretary Walter Agnew
Past President Webb Vance
Advisory Kaye Bulmer

Here is the 2013 executive of Moncton No. 1 Council. Left to right: Walter Agnew (Recording Secretary); Bruce Peacock (President); Cecil Morton (Treasurer) Earl Garland (2nd VP); Evan Hickey (Auditor); Ed Saulnier (Advisory); Greg Murphy (Museum & Heritage); Ken Crossman (Visitation); Diane Hebert (Social); Reg Hebert (1st VP); Norm Doucet (Leg & Benefits); Grant Huntington (Bldg Mgn).

Moncton Council No. 1 Committee Members

NOTE: Monthly Executive Meetings will be held @ 0930 hrs each 2nd Tuesday and Monthly General Meetings



In Memory of Hugh Reardon

2010 Moncton No 1 Council Christmas Party


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