Associations de retraités du CN, Inc.

Getting to know us:

The Saskatchewan CNR Pensioners Assoc. was founded in February, 1985. To tell it from one of our Pensioner founders, Stan Plue provided the following information.

"When I retired in 1982, and after a year of talking with people I worked with, and associated with when working, I thought it would be a good idea if we had an organization where we could meet and visit. It became that 21 Pensioners formed the C.N.R. Pensioners Assoc. in Saskatoon in 1985. We had a lot of help from trades people on the C.N. but the person that made this all happen was Mr. Russ Pelesh who was the District Superintendent at the time, headquartered in Saskatoon".

Who were they:

Mr. Roy Armstrong

Mr. Frank Atchison

Mr. Art Back

Mr. Toby Cole

Mr. Shirley Corbett

Mr. Ernie Dale

Mr. Bob England

Mr. Paul Fontaine

Mr. Harold Harnett

Mr. Ted Holmes

Mr. Al Hockey

Mr. Morley Hyland

Mr. Bruce Kimpton

Mr. Alfonse Martin

Mr. Bob Mclay

Mr. Stan Plue

Mr. Reg Taylor

Mr. Pete Telfer

Mr. Ken Uhrich

Mr. Sid Wilkins

Mr. George Wood

Mr. Stan Read

Mr. Lawrence Pattison

The Saskatchewan association became affiliated with the National Council of Pensioners and now represent all the CN Pensioners in Saskatchewan under the name of "CNR Pensioners Assoc., Saskatchewan Division, Inc.". The Saskatchewan Local is based in Saskatoon and represents all locations within the Province of Saskatchewan. We currently have representatives in Regina, Melville, Watrous, etc. that report on news in their areas and they are included in our Newsletter. The Pensioners in Regina have a coffee morning usually on the third Thursday of the Month, except July and August. If you are thinking about joining our Saskatchewan Local, please indicate council D2, in your request.

Our representation is combined with that of the Manitoba Association council and we are known to be in the Prairie Region within the National Council. The Winnipeg Council has two National Directors and Saskatchewan has one. These Directors are there to serve the membership as Liaisons between Pensioners, spouses and Canadian National Railways.

If you are a retired CN Pensioner, or a spouse/survivor of a Pensioner that is in receipt of a CN Pension, then you are eligible. We also have some Pensioners/Spouses that were within the scope of CN, such as Telecommunications, Via Rail and CN Express.

The Purpose of the National Council

  1. Assist in forming associations of CN pensioners where a sufficient number are located and desire such Association.
  2. To provide and be the liaison between these associations and the management of Canadian National Railway Company.
  3. Promote and protect the social economic and fraternal interests of all CN pensioners.

How to Join

You can apply by Completing the Application Form on this site, by mailing an application that is included with your quarterly CN Pensioner Newsletter, or contacting our local membership chairman/ Secretary.

The cost is only $12.00 per year, and we strongly suggest that you pay with what is known as PRD. By doing it this way, $1.00 per month will be deducted from your Pension Payment from CN (Morneau Shepell/CN Pension and Benefits)). You can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied. You can also pay locally, but we suggest that you do not do this as it causes your volunteers more time and money in processing, and you would have to renew every year.

General Information

The Saskatchewan Pensioners hold their meetings in Saskatoon in the Lower Level, side door of the Masonic Hall located at 1021 Saskatchewan Crescent West, in the months of January, March, May, September, and November.

The meeting time is at 10:00 and usually lasts about 1 hour. In the evening there is a social that commences at 17:00, with supper served at 18:00. Cost is $5.00 for the meal and drinks are $3.00. This is held at the same location. The meal varies from month to month, with a range of Pot Lucks, Steaks, Stews to Chicken, etc.

The Saskatchewan Pensioners local in Saskatoon issues a newsletter 5 times per year. This newsletter goes to those that have signed up to support the Local Chapter.

We currently have approximately 995 recipients in Saskatchewan that receive the newsletter and support the Saskatchewan Chapter. The newsletter is very informative in that it supplies information to the recipients that comes from the National Council, from the Health Care Committee concerning the Blue Cross Health Care Plan , from the CN Pension meetings, that are held four times per year. It also includes information from our local meetings, and from the local communities that forward information to either the meetings or to the News-letter Editor. The newsletter also keeps you advised on savings on Travel and other information such as reductions on Automobile purchases, Bursary's for Grandchildren, etc..

The newsletter also can be received electronically by email if you so desire. This saves on mailing costs for the organization and you will receive it approximately five days in advance of receiving it in the mail and it is a colored version, which the newsletter in the mail, is not. In order to receive it electronically, you still must be a member in good standing. We currently have over approximately 210 Pensioner/spouses that receive it by email.

The Executive of the Saskatchewan Council are your Volunteers, to assist you in any way that we can on items associated with your Pension, Benefits and Health Care with Blue Cross, associated with CN.


Président Fred Bateman
Past Président Helen Jones
1em Vice-président Dennis Burton
2nd Vice Président VACANT 
Secrétaire Victoria Stephanson
Trésorier Raoul Cieszkowski
National Council Director Gary Heasman
Editor de Papier 1 Gary Heasman