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Scholarships & Bursaries

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CNPA National


The National Council offers multiple scholarships across the country on an annual basis


CNPA Manitoba


The CNPA of Manitoba is pleased to sponsor two bursaries - the Harvey Hosfield Bursary and a CNPA Trade Bursary.  Details are found on the CNPA of Manitoba website.  2023 winners are found here


Johnson Insurance


Our partner -Johnson Insurance - offers scholarship opportunities to students across Canada


CNPA Quebec


The CNPA of Quebec is pleased to sponsor a CNPA Trade scholarship - the Luc Grenier Trade Bursary


Moncton Council #1


Moncton Council continues to fund two additional scholarships for grandchildren and great-grandchildren of sponsors who are contributing members of Moncton Council #1.    Those interested should apply through the CNPA National Council Scholarship program

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CNPA Ontario


The Ontario Provincial Council is pleased to sponsor an additional scholarship in addition to the 5 scholarships offered by the CNPA for the Ontario region

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CN Rail


CN normally offers a variety of scholarships in Canada for children and grandchildren of its employees and pensioners.


Note however that CN has suspended its scholarship program for 2023.  The status of the scholarships for 2024 is still to be determined

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