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  • Local Council C14 |

    Toronto Council (C14) Council Executive President Ron Charles ​ Vice President Vacant ​ Secretary Nancy Zajacz ​ Treasurer Dave Bradshaw ​ Membership Chair Ron Charles ​ Guest Speaker Chair Vacant ​ Special Events Ron Charles, Phil Hornak, Nancy Zajacz & Wayne MacFarlane ​ Newsletter Editor Mark Hallman ​ OPC Delegate 1 Dave Bradshaw ​ OPC Delegate 2 Ron Charles ​ Alt OPC Delegate Lou Lisi ​ Alt OPC Delegate 2 Nancy Zajac ​ Director Gunn Lee ​ Director Aubrey Gill ​ Director Ron Charles ​ Director Nancy Zajacz ​ Director Lou J. Lisi ​ Director Phil Hornak ​ Director Wayne MacFarlane ​ CNPA Toronto Social Events ​ Blue Jays Baseball - Sunday September 10th 2023 1:00 pm KC Royals @ Toronto Blue Jays Rogers Centre 1 Blue Jays Way Toronto, Ontario Contact: Nancy Zajacz - Curling - Thursday November 16th 2023 Curling Club - TBC Contact: Ron Charles - Christmas Lunch - Date, time and place in last week of November to be determined Contact: Nancy Zajacz -

  • Discounts - Ford |

    Ford of Canada Vehicle Purchase Ford of Canada has teamed up with Canadian National to offer you the opportunity to purchase a selection of Ford vehicles with discounted pricing. The reduction on Ford products is called the "Partner Recognition Program". CN's Supplier Code is 0C208 (zeroC2zero8). Here's how to take advantage of the discount Access the Ford partner website ( ) or call 1-877-294-7554. You will be asked to provide a "supplier code" - use the code 0C208 (zeroC2zero8). Ford will provide you with a personal identification number to use. Visit a participating dealer and identify yourself as a Partner Recognition participant. Provide the dealer with your SIN and PIN provided to you by Ford to confirm eligibility. Select an eligible vehicle. Provide proof that you are a CN Pensioner (such as cheque stub, Pass, GT4 or CNPA Membership Card) Arrange for delivery of vehicle.

  • A8

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  • Members Discounts |

    Members' Discounts & Offers Membership does have its benefits! If you want to save a few dollars, we have arranged for a variety of special rates, discounts and other benefits to be available to CN Pensioners. Whether its Home and Auto & Travel Insurance or Personal Travel Benefits or you need a new car, check out the various offers listed. ​ As always, while we encourage our members to investigate all options when they are planning their purchases, these are some specific discounts that are available to you Johnson Travel Insurance Johnson partners with Medoc to provide competitive Travel Medical Insurance for you and your family. Ask about their coverage for pre-existing medical conditions you may have. Click on the logo or call 1-866-606-3362 Budget Car Rental Budget is pleased to offer members of the CNPA reduced rates for car rentals in Canada & the United States ​ Ford Partner Recognition Vehicle Pricing This program provides discounts on Ford of Canada vehicles. Follow the steps outlined to secure your discount ​ Choice Hotels Canada Enjoy CN Pensioners Association preferred rates at over 7000 properties worldwide ​ Johnson Home & Auto Insurance We have partnered with Johnson Insurance to offer our members discounts on Home Auto and Travel Insurance. Click on the logo or call them at 1-800-563-0677 ​ Holo Alert 24/7 Medical Alert Protection Holo Alert is offering discounted rates on a medical alert monitoring pendant or watch to our membership Rocky Mountaineer ​The CNPA is pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Rocky Mountaineer, who operate a luxury train network with routes through the Canadian Rockies. ​ Collette Tours The CNPA has partnered with Collette Tours to provide savings to members on any tours ​ HP Purchase Program - Canada HP has teamed up with Canadian National to offer you the opportunity to purchase award-winning HP and Compaq consumer products at discounted prices. You can take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts (up to 12%) ​ Avis Car Rental Avis is pleased to offer CNPA members discounted rates for car rentals in Canada & the US as well as internationally ​ Best Western Hotels Best Western® is pleased to offer a special rate to CNPA members at participating hotels . The discount code for CN/CNPA is 01344410. ​ CN Pass For information about the CN Pass and/or to replace your Pass card, please call the CN Pension & Benefits Administration at 1-800-361-0739. Visit the VIA Rail site to book a trip. ​

  • Pension Committee |

    CNPA Pension Committee Atlantic Representative (National Co-chair) Reg Hebert Quebec Representative Denis Cousineau Ontario Representative David Simpson Prairie Representative Joanne Gaborieau Mountain Representative Blake Olson Union Appointed Representative Guy Scarrow Atlantic Alternate Wayne Greenland Quebec Alternate Denise Arcand Ontario Alternate Ron Hewson Prairie Alternate Gary Heasman Mountain Alternate Mary McLaughlin Union Appointed - Alternate Ron Shore

  • Ontario Scholarships |

    Ontario Provincial Council Scholarship In addition to the 5 National awards of $1500.00 each for the Great Lakes Region, the Ontario Provincial Council (OPC) is offering an additional scholarship of $1500.00, available to eligible applicants. The OPC scholarship program will follow the same rules, procedures and dates as the National Program and will be awarded to the sixth winning Great Lakes Region scholarship applicant. ​ The award winning OPC applicant will be eligible to re-apply for the 2024 National Scholarship and a National winning scholarship applicant may apply for the 2024 OPC program. Unsuccessful qualified applicants may re-apply for either subsequent program.

  • About Us |

    About the CN Pensioners Association Who We Are ​ The purpose of the CN Pensioners Association (CNPA) is to represent the needs of all retired CN employees. Our objective is to protect your interests, financial and otherwise, regarding your pension, your benefits and support and enhance your social interests and activities. The CNPA was established over 40 years ago but we continue to evolve over the years, changing with the times. As a group, we are active in the communities we live in. We proactively advocate governments on Seniors' issues. We are an equal partner, along with the unions and CN, on the CN Pension Committee, ensuring our pensions are funded and improved over time. When sufficient funds are available we propose to the CN Board of Directors, for its consideration, pension improvements for our pensioners and also recommend modifications to the Pension Plan rules to the CN Board of Directors for review and approval. We have an important role in monitoring and communicating matters relating to the funding of our pensions and other pension matters. With over 31,000 pensioners across the country, the CNPA wants to ensure you stay connected, have access to a wide variety of benefits, and have a place to connect with your former colleagues and to meet new friends. All this is managed by dedicated volunteers from every corner of the country. Despite popular belief, we are not just a group of old fogies who sit around playing pinochle. Our CNPA members are involved and active in the communities they live in, in volunteer efforts, recreation and leisure activities. We work with external partners to provide a variety of benefits, including insurance and travel discounts. ​ While CN Pension & Benefits Administration (1-800-361-0739) is the primary contact for your specific defined benefit pension plan issues, you or your spouse can also direct your or concerns about pension provisions, your benefits, changes, etc. to an executive member at any level. We will point you in the right direction for answers on issues affecting your retirement. We are just a call or email away. ​ About Our Organization ​ The CN Pensioners Associations Inc. is a volunteer run, tri-level association, each with their own constitution and by-laws. The Association is comprised of: ​ A National Council whose main role is to: Assist in forming associations of CN pensioners where a sufficient number are located and desire such association, To provide and be the liaison between these associations and the management of Canadian National Railway Company, Promote and protect the social economic and fraternal interests of all CN pensioners. ​​ Five Regional/Provincial Councils whose main role is to: Assist in forming associations of CN pensioners where a sufficient number are located and desire such association, Promote and protect the interests of all retired CN employees in their respective Regions/Provinces, including all pensioners and their spouses formerly connected with CN e.g. VIA Rail, Marine Atlantic and other Affiliates, to provide the proper liaison between CN pensioners and the Officers of CN in these respective Regions/Provinces. Act as an advisory body to assist Local Councils in problem solving. Over 35 local councils strategically located across the nation whose main role is to p romote and protect the interests of all retired CN employees in their respective geographical locations, including all pensioners and their spouses formerly connected with CN e.g. VIA Rail, Marine Atlantic and other Affiliates. ​ ​

  • Local Council B6 |

    Conseil du Centre-de-la-Mauricie / Haut-Saint-Mauricie / Laviolette (B6) Council Executive Président Mario Michaud Tel: (819) 538-3852 Vice-président Denis Patry Tel: (819) 609-9277 Secrétaire Danielle Michaud Tel: (819) 538-3852 Trésorier Pierre A. Leprohon Tel: (819) 538-7184 Directeur Jacques Croteau Tel: (819) 538-4154 Directeur Jacques Allard Tel: (819) 841-0727 Directeur Carmen Lariviere Tel: (819) 538-3630 Directeur Claude Trudel Tel: (819) 538-3630 Directeur Pierrette Trudel Tel: (819) 538-3630

  • A10

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  • Discounts - Rocky Mountaineer |

    Rocky Mountaineer CN Retiree Discounts Rocky Mountaineer is pleased to offer their rail partners reduced rate options. These options are offered when space allows, as they feel it is important for you to personally experience their trains and their amenities. Bookings are subject to the regular Rocky Mountaineer Terms and Conditions, including cancellation policy. You can view their website, including their terms and conditions, at . This reduced rate program is made available to CN Employees, and CNPA contributing members , and bookings must be paid for immediately by credit card. The reduced rate is valid for the Rail Employee/CNPA contributing member and one travel companion. All reduced rate requests are subject to the following terms and conditions: Reduced rate space is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time with, or without notice. Rocky Mountaineer reserves the right to add, change or modify reduced rate conditions at any time, without notification, other restrictions apply. Confirmed bookings are not subject to the cancellation under this provision. ​ ​ Rocky Mountaineer is pleased to offer reduced rates for the 2023 season For Travel on Select Dates through October 2023 ​ Vacation Packages 20% discount off the full retail rate Two & Three-Day Rail – SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf Service* 50% discount off the full retail rate when booked less than 45 days to departure Two & Three-Day Rail – SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf Service* 20% discount off the full retail rate when booked 45+ days to departure *Overnight accommodation in Kamloops or Glenwood Springs included; one night in Quesnel and Whistler for Rainforest to Gold Rush journeys. Discount is not applicable to SilverLeaf Plus on the Rockies to the Red Rocks route. Discounted reservations cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts.​ To view our most up to date health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 protocols, please visit . ​ To book, contact their vacation consultants at the number below or via email. Retirees will be required to fax or email proof of CNPA membership prior to the discount being applied to your reservation. They have been provided a copy of our CNPA membership card as the only standard of proof that will be accepted for this purpose. Toll-Free USA & Canada: 1.800.665.7245 Hours of Operation: Sunday 08:00–22:00 PT, Monday to Thursday 06:00–22:00 PT, Friday 06:00–18:00 PT, Saturday 08:00–16:00 PT Email:

  • C4

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  • Local Council A2 |

    Campbellton Council (A2) Council Executive President Robert Chiasson ​ Vice President Edgar Godin ​ Treasurer Jean-Louis Fournier ​ Secretary Denis Parent ​ Delegate Edgar Godin ​

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