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  • Local Council B3 |

    Conseil du Bas-Saint-Laurent / Vallée-de-la-Matapédia / Gaspésie (B3) Council Executive Président William Théberge Tel: (418) 723-5260 Vice-président Robert Pitre Tel: (418) 778-5998 Secrétaire-trésorier Ronald Lang Tel: (418) 629-2389 Directeur Ghislain Pineault Tel: (418) 756-5557 Directeur Gilbert Leblanc Tel: (418) 752-5069 Directeur Francis Moran Tel: (418) 752-3710 Directeur Mario Allard Tel: (418) 756-3780

  • Manitoba Division #1 (D3) |

    Manitoba Division #1 (D3) Visit the CN Pensioners of Manitoba website for more information and the latest updates CN Pensioners of Manitoba Facebook Page Council Executive President Patrick McMullin Vice-President Dave Kane Secretary Jim Kane Treasurer Bruce Anderson Past President John Mozol National Council Representatives President/National Director (Prairie) Bruce Anderson National Director (Prairie) Joanne Gaborieau National Director - Alternate (Prairie) Patrick McMullin Pension Committee Bruce Anderson Pension Committee - Alternate (Prairie) Joanne Gaborieau Health Care Committee Joanne Gaborieau Other Council Positions National Newsletter - Prairie Tim McCrindle,Claudette McCrindle Provincial Government Liaison - Manitoba Albert Delbaere Membership Chairman Joanne Gaborieau Publicity Tim McCrindle, Claudette McCrindle Special Events Ernie Yakiwchuk Webmaster Janet Lewis Anderson Outreach Rose Chapman Hospitality Dennis Brown Member-At-Large Carson Hull, Dennis Yaeger

  • Membership |

    Why Membership Matters ​Membership consists of retired CN employees, surviving spouses and honorary members as well as retirees and their spouses from groups formerly connected with CN (i.e. VIA Rail and Marine Atlantic). Active employees can be admitted as social members without voice or vote. "Bridged" employees are also eligible for membership to the CN Pensioners' Association. Although we advocate on behalf of all CN Pensioners and surviving spouses as volunteers, operating expenses are a reality. If you are not already a contributing member, by becoming one for only $1.00 a month, you can help defray such expenses. Your $1 per month will entitle you to several membership benefits and as information, approximately $0.83 of your $1 per month is returned to your local council of choice for their use. It is easy to become a member – just go to our sign up form below or email us at . For more information, click on one of the topics below What the CNPA Does For You What does your annual $12 fee get for you as a member? Pension representation, health care plan, benefits, newsletters, discounts, local meetings and events and so much more Members Obituary Listing With the passage of time comes the recent passing of those we knew... ​ Joining the CNPA If you're not yet a CNPA member, you should be! Welcome aboard! ​ Fill out and submit the application form and you'll become one of the more than 30000 members Members Reference Page Need contact info? Where do I look on Facebook? What other CNPA web sites exist? Look here! CNPA Members Discounts CNPA members can save on a number of services or items such as insurance, travel packages, car rentals, hotel stays, office equipment and even vehicles. And there is CN Pass for travel on VIA Rail for some members Frequently Asked Questions In case you were wondering... ​ ​ ​

  • Saskatchewan Council (D2) |

    Saskatchewan Council (D2) The Saskatchewan Council (D2) is based in Saskatoon and represents over 900 members living across the province of Saskatchewan. Our council is combined with that of Manitoba Division #1 and together we are known as the Prairie Region within the National Council. Manitoba has two national directors and Saskatchewan has one. These directors are there to serve the membership as liaisons between pensioners/surviving spouses and Canadian National Railways. If you are thinking about joining the Saskatchewan Council, please select council D2, on your membership application. ​ The executive of the Saskatchewan council are your volunteers to assist you in any way that we can on items associated with your CN pension, benefits or CNPA health care with Blue Cross. Council Executive President Fred Bateman 1st Vice-President Dennis Burton 2nd Vice-President Terry Senko Secretary Vacant Treasurer Raoul Cieszkowski Past President Helen Jones National Council Representatives National Director (Prairie) Don Gorin Health Care Committee - Alternate Dennis Burton Other Council Positions Provincial Government Liaison - Saskatchewan Terry Senko Membership Chairman Gary Heasman Newsletter Editor Gary Heasman Centenarian Coordinators Rick Crowe Terry Senko New Member Contact Vicki Stephanson Council Meetings ​ When: Fourth Thursday of the month for the months of January, March, May, September and November, approximately 1 hour in duration ​ Where: Masonic Temple, 1021 Saskatchewan Crescent W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 5J6 Enter by westside door and proceed to lower level Time: November, January & March – 11h00, followed by a luncheon at 12h00 May & September – 10h00, followed in the evening by a social starting at 17h00 with dinner served at 18h00 The newsletter is issued 10 days before the meetings and confirms the times, cost and type of meal - pot luck (normally) or catered. Council Newsletter ​ The Saskatchewan Council issues a newsletter 5 times per year. It provides information to our members from the National Council, from the Health Care Committee concerning the Blue Cross Health Care Plan, and from the CN Pension meetings held four times per year. It also includes information from our local meetings and from pensioners/surviving spouses in our local communities that forward information to either our meetings or directly to the Newsletter Editor. The newsletter also keeps you up to date on the latest on savings on travel, reductions on automobile purchases, home/car/travel insurance, hotel stays, scholarships for children/grandchildren, etc. This newsletter goes to those who have signed up to the Saskatchewan council only and so, it is not available online. The newsletter can be received electronically by email and this is our preferred method as it saves the council mailing costs. As well, by choosing this option, you will receive the newsletter approximately five days earlier than via Canada Post and it will be in colour rather than a black and white mailed copy. To receive it electronically, you still must be a member in good standing. We currently have close to 500 pensioners/spouses that receive it by email. Our History ​ The Saskatchewan CNR Pensioners Assoc. was founded in February 1985. In the words of Stan Plue, one of our founders... ​ "When I retired in 1982, and after a year of talking with people I worked with, and associated with when working, I thought it would be a good idea if we had an organization where we could meet and visit. It became that 23 Pensioners formed the C.N.R. Pensioners Assoc. in Saskatoon in 1985. We had a lot of help from trades people on the C.N. but the person that made this all happen was Mr. Russ Pelesh who was the District Superintendent at the time, headquartered in Saskatoon".​ ​ Our Founders Roy Armstrong Shirley Corbett Harold Harnett Bruce Kimpton Stan Plue Ken Uhrich Frank Atchison Ernie Dale Ted Holmes Alfonse Martin Stan Read Sid Wilkins Art Back Bob England Al Hockey Bob Mclay Reg Taylor George Wood Toby Cole Paul Fontaine Morley Hyland Lawrence Pattison​ Pete Telfer ​The Saskatchewan association then became affiliated with the National Council of Pensioners and now represent all the CN Pensioners in Saskatchewan under the name of "CNR Pensioners Assoc., Saskatchewan Division, Inc.", incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2003.

  • Ontario Provincial (C1) |

    Ontario Provincial Council (OPC) (C1) Council Executive President Robert Haggart 1st Vice-President David Simpson 2nd Vice-President Ronald Hewson Secretary Roger McDevitt Treasurer Cathy Thomas Ontario Provincial Council Delegates Barrie Council (C2) Robert Haggart Barrie Council (C2) Gerry Lipnicky Belleville Council (C3) David Simpson Belleville Council (C3) Roger McDevitt Hamilton Council (C4) Maureen Smyth Hamilton Council (C4) Scott Montani Kingston Council (C6) David Delcloo Kingston Council (C6) Cathy Thomas London Council (C7) Ron Hewson London Council (C7) Bob Gallant Niagara Falls Council (C8) David Kinghorn Niagara Falls Council (C8) William Lindsay Ottawa Council (C9) Keith Goodhue Ottawa Council (C9) Mark Merriman Thunder Bay Council (C13) Larry Ezack Thunder Bay Council (C13) Jim Pudas Toronto Council (C14) Nancy Zajacz Toronto Council (C14) Ron Charles National Council Representatives Vice-President/National Director (Ontario) Ron Hewson National Director (Ontario) Les MacDonald National Director (Ontario) Robert Haggart National Director - Alternate (Ontario) Ron Charles Pension Committee Ron Hewson Pension Committee - Alternate Lou Lisi Health Care Committee Roger McDevitt Health Care Committee - Alternate Ron Hewson Federal Government Liaison Officer Michael Matthews Other Council Positions National Newsletter - Ontario Cathy Thomas Government Liaison - Ontario Robert Haggart OPC Scholarship Chairperson Les McDonald

  • Scholarships |

    Scholarships & Bursaries CNPA National Scholarships The CNPA National Council offers 25 scholarships of $1500 across Canada on an annual basi s. ​ Children & grandchildren of CNPA contributing members get access to this program Additional Regional CNPA Scholarships & Bursaries CNPA Quebec The CNPA of Quebec is pleased to sponsor a CNPA Trade scholarship - the Luc Grenier Trade Bursary. ​ ​ CNPA Man itoba The CNPA of Manitoba is pleased to sponsor two bursaries - the Harvey Hosfield Bursary and a CNPA Trade Bursary. Details are found on the CNP A of Manitoba website . 2023 winners are found here ​ ​ Montréal/Laval Council The Montréal/Laval Council offers an additional Luc Grenier Trade Bursary to grandchildren and great-grandchildren of sponsors who are contributing members of Montréal/Laval council. Those interested should apply through the Luc Grenier Trade Bursary program CNPA Ontario The Ontario Provincial Council is pleased to sponsor an additional scholarship in addition to the 5 scholarships offered by the CNPA for the Ontario region Moncton Council #1 Moncton Council continues to fund two additional scholarships for grandchildren and great-grandchildren of sponsors who are contributing members of Moncton Council #1. Those interested should apply through the CNPA National Council Scholarship program Additional Non-CNPA Scholarships & Bursaries belairdirect Insurance Our partner - belairdirect Insurance - offers scholarship opportunities to students who are children or grandchildren of contributing members of the CN Pensioners Association

  • Local Council C9 |

    Ottawa Council (C9) Ottawa Council Facebook Page Council Executive President Mark Merriman ​ 1st Vice-President Bruce Chapman ​ Secretary Lawrence Mask ​ Treasurer Serge Poulin ​ OPC Delegate (1) Keith Goodhue ​ OPC Delegate (2) Mark Merriman ​ Alt OPC Delegate Wally Goldberg ​ Membership Chair Lawrence Mask ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Fourth Monday of the month from September to May, excluding December Where: Canterbury Community Centre, 2185 Arch St, Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Local Council A8 |

    South West (Port aux Basque) (A8) Council Executive President Charlie Matthews ​ 1st Vice President Manuel Baker ​ 2nd Vice President Vacant ​ Secretary Marie Dominie ​ Treasurer Nancy Osmond ​

  • Discounts - Rocky Mountaineer |

    Rocky Mountaineer CN Retiree Discounts Rocky Mountaineer invites you to experience their four unforgettable routes. ​ Rocky Mountaineer is pleased to offer our rail partners reduced rate options. We offer this when space allows, as we feel it is important for you to personally experience our trains and their amenities. Bookings are subject to the regular Rocky Mountaineer Terms and Conditions, including cancellation policy. This reduced rate program is only available to CN Employees including retirees and bookings must be paid for immediately by credit card. The reduced rate is valid for the Rail Employee and one travel companion. All reduced rate requests are subject to the following terms and conditions: reduced rate space is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time with, or without notice. Rocky Mountaineer reserves the right to add, change or modify reduced rate conditions at any time, without notification, other restrictions apply. ​ ​ Rocky Mountaineer is pleased to offer these reduced rates for the 2024 season ​ Vacation Packages 15% discount off the full retail rate on any available date when booked more than 45 days to departure Two & Three-Day Rail – SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf Service* 20% discount off the full retail rate on any available date *Overnight accommodation included; one night in Kamloops for Journey Through the Clouds and First Passage to the West; one night in Quesnel and Whistler for Rainforest to Gold Rush; one night in Glenwood Springs for Rockies to the Red Rocks. These rates are applicable to our Canadian and American Southwest routes. Discounted reservations are non-commissionable and cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts. Gratuities are extra and are not discounted. Deposit is required at time of booking and full payment of the balance is required 60 days before departure. All bookings are subject to the full booking terms and conditions which are available at . Additional conditions apply. To book, contact the Rocky Mountaineer Vacation Consultants at the numbers below. You will be required to fax or email proof of your CNPA membership prior to the discount being applied to your reservation. ​ Toll-Free USA & Canada: 1.877.460.3200 Toll-Free Australia: 1 800 821 531 Toll-Free New Zealand: 00 800 0606 7372 Toll-Free United Kingdom: 0 800 088 5541 International: 1.604.606.7245 ​ Email: Hours of Operation: Sunday 08:00–22:00 PT, Monday to Thursday 06:00–22:00 PT, Friday 06:00–19:00 PT, Saturday 08:00–16:00 PT

  • Local Council A9 |

    St. John's Branch (A9) Council Executive President Wayne Greenland ​ Vice President Hubert Butt ​ Treasurer William J. Penney ​ Secretary Wayne Greenland ​ Past President Graham Hill ​ Alt National Director Graham Hill ​ National Council Rep Wayne Greenland ​ Director June Churchill King ​ Director Bill Penny ​ Director Harold Piercey ​ Director Vic Wiseman ​ Director Bob Grouchy ​ Director Wayne Greenland ​ Director Graham Hill ​ Director Anne Peddle ​ Auditor Art King ​

  • CN Railroaders in the Community |

    CN Railroaders in the Community CN is proud of the hundreds of employees, their families, and retirees who give generously of their time to local causes through our CN Railroaders in the Community (RRITC) program . These volunteers are part of the social fabric of the many cities, towns and villages across our entire North American network, helping to make their communities better places to live and work. ​ CN supports their efforts by providing charitable donations to the organizations where CN railroaders volunteer. Each hour of volunteer work earns a $15 reward, up to a maximum of 220 hours or $3300 per retiree per year (including volunteer hours completed by their spouse/surviving spouse). There is no limit to the number of organizations a CN retiree and the spouses/surviving spouses of CN retirees can volunteer with. We are also happy to confirm that if you have already started volunteering in your community this year, any volunteer hours accumulated since January 1 for a recognized charity will qualify for a reward in the same calendar year ​ Thanks to CN's digital platform SPARK , you can easily track your volunteer hours and see when the donation to your charity was made. Rewards are transferred electronically to the eligible organizations on a monthly basis. Check out the exciting new features of the Railroaders in the Community program at SPARK Word of Thanks for 2023 Efforts Hello Railroaders, Thank you for your participation in the Railroaders in the Community program this year. You have shown your commitment and generosity by volunteering your time and skills to organizations which matter to you. Your dedication has made a positive impact that has helped make your community a better place to live, work and play. We would like to take this opportunity to share some of the amazing results that our employees and retirees have accomplished through the program in 2023. ​ We have collectively volunteered more than 90,000 hours to non-profit organizations across our network. That’s equivalent to 11,250 days of volunteer work! To recognize these efforts, CN has donated over $1,400,000 to the organizations our railroaders volunteered for in 2023. We have helped 727 different organizations with their missions and goals. These include amateur sports associations, schools, hospitals, environmental groups, animal shelters, and more. ​ Thanks to you, the Railroaders in the Community program was successful in 2023, and we can’t thank you enough for your contributions! ​ We are also excited to share some good news for 2024. The maximum number of volunteer hours you can claim every year will increase to 220 starting on Jan. 1, 2024. This means that your volunteer efforts can generate up to $3,300 in donations for your organization(s) moving forward.. We hope that this will inspire you to continue sharing your precious gift of time with the causes you hold dear in your community. We are proud of your achievements, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how the Railroaders in the Community program can be further improved SPARK User Guide CN Railroaders in the Community FAQ To login the first time: ​ Username: your CN PIN number. Password: the first three letters of your first name + the first three letters of your last name + the 4 digits of the year you were hired at CN + !! Example: The password for Jane Smith, hired in 1999, would be: jansmi1999!! ​ Once logged in for the first time, you must change your email address to a personal email and you will be asked to change your password. If you previously accessed the site while as a CN employee, you will need to change your email. Surviving spouses of retirees should contact for assistance with the login. ​ NOTE: For those retirees who have tried to log in for the first time and have followed the new log in procedure, but are still experiencing difficulties accessing the new platform, please email . Please be sure to include your full name as it appears on your CN Pension Statement as well as your CN PIN number. If it is just a password issue, they can assist you by creating a new password for you. However, if it turns out to be a technical issue, they will be unable to assist you until the issue has been resolved between CN and Benevity. Until then, CN advises those retirees to keep track of their volunteer hours so that they can be entered into the system once CN notifies your access to the system has been fixed. Incentive Bonus: If you are a contributing member of the CNPA (paying your $1 per month membership), CN will give an additional reward of $100 to one of the charities you volunteered for. This is another great reason to become a member of the CNPA (if you're not already one) and to enter your volunteer hours for the current year into the platform before Dec. 31. ​ How the Incentive Bonus Works : At the end of each calendar year, the CNPA will send a list to CN of all retirees who have paid their membership fee. CN will cross-reference this list with the retirees who applied for volunteer awards in RRITC in that calendar year. Through the Spark website, CN will send $100 to a single charity that each member volunteered for. If a member volunteered for more than one charity, CN will contact the retiree in early January to ask them which charity should receive the bonus $100. The bonus payments will be entered in January with the funds being transferred by mid-February. Please note that there is one (1) $100 bonus per PIN and applies equally to surviving spouses. As the RRITC program ends December 31st and restarts January 1st annually, all awards are reset. Therefore, any volunteer hours for the current year should be entered into Spark in that year in order for the bonus to be paid out in January/February. In order to qualify for the bonus $100 for your charity, the minimum volunteer time is just one hour. ​ Should you have any questions about this incentive bonus, please write to: .

  • Members Reference |

    Need to Connect? Want to stay connected with the CNPA, service providers or other railway pensioner sites and groups? Here's a list of key contacts: ​ Phone Numbers: CN Pension & Benefits Administration/Change of Address OR Banking Information - Have your PIN number ready and call 1-800-361-0739 , between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., excluding statutory holidays. Call 1-514-673-7730 from all other countries outside Canada or the U.S. VIA Pensioner - Call 1-800-799-9934 (VIA Rail) and ask for Pension Administration Marine Atlantic Pensioner - Call 1-800-561-7660 (Marine Atlantic-North Sydney) and ask for Pension Administration CN/CP Pensioner - For CN/CP Pensions and Benefits, contact ALLSTREAM Canada Corp. at 1-800-276-7630 or by mail: ALLSTREAM Canada Corp. 16th Floor 200 Wellington Street West Toronto, ON M5V 3G2 ​ Medavie Blue Cross (CNPA) - Plan Number 93115 Q uestions about Enrolling in the Plan, Changing Options, Cancellation of Coverage, Premium Rates, please call 1-866-660-7670. ​Questions about Payment of Claims, Definition of Benefits, Coverage Details, Obtaining Prior Approval For Certain Expenses and to Obtain Claim Forms, please call 1-888-873-9200. Websites: CN Pensioners' Web Portal - Medavie (CNPA) Blue Cross - Plan Number 93115 - ​Go to the website to obtain general information about your plan and your current coverage, to view your claims and reimbursement history and to print generic claim forms. ​ CN Pensioners of Manitoba – CNPA Mountain Region - CN Pensioners Vancouver - CN Pensioners Fraser Valley - ​ CN – CN Railroaders In The Community - CN Employees' & Pensioners' Community Fund - ​ Facebook: CNPA – National Page English – CNPA – National Page French – CNPA of Manitoba – ARCN - Conseil rive-sud, Laurentides et Lanaudière - CNPA - Ottawa Council -'-Association-Ottawa-Council-100089162535507 CNPA – Barrie Council – CNPA – Hamilton Council – CNPA - Vancouver – ​ CN Rail Keeping Track (private group; one must request to join) –​ CN Rail (public group; one must request to join) – ​ CN –

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