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  • Local Council C8 |

    Niagara Falls Council (C8) Council Executive President William Lindsay ​ Vice-President David Kinghorn ​ Treasurer Michael K. Gander ​ Secretary Sylvester (Sy) Peplinski ​ Membership Chair Vacant ​ OPC Delegate (1) David Kinghorn ​ OPC Delegate (2) Vacant ​ OPC Alternate Delegate Vacant ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Monday of the month from September to June, excluding De cember, 14h00 Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 479, 5603 Spring St. Niagara Falls, Ont. L2G 1P7. Telephone (905) 354-4331. ​

  • Local Council B3 |

    Conseil du Bas-Saint-Laurent / Vallée-de-la-Matapédia / Gaspésie (B3) Council Executive Président William Théberge Tel: (418) 723-5260 Vice-président Robert Pitre Tel: (418) 778-5998 Secrétaire-trésorier Ronald Lang Tel: (418) 629-2389 Directeur Ghislain Pineault Tel: (418) 756-5557 Directeur Gilbert Leblanc Tel: (418) 752-5069 Directeur Francis Moran Tel: (418) 752-3710 Directeur Mario Allard Tel: (418) 756-3780

  • Local Council A8 |

    South West (Port aux Basque) (A8) Council Executive President Charlie Matthews ​ 1st Vice President Manuel Baker ​ 2nd Vice President Vacant ​ Secretary Marie Dominie ​ Treasurer Nancy Osmond ​

  • National |

    National Council The National Council consists of 17 Directors, 16 of which are elected - three (3) each elected by the five (5) regional/provincial councils plus one (1) elected from the Newfoundland provincial council. The final director is the CNPA Past President. ​ The Executive Officers of the National Council are the President, a First Vice-President, four (4) Vice-Presidents (one from each regional/provincial council excluding the regional/provincial council which the First Vice President represents), a Treasurer, an Executive Secretary, a Membership Chair(s) and the Past President. Other roles of the National Council include, but are not limited to, the Health Care Chair, Communications Officer, Associate Co mmunications Officer, the Scholarship Chair and the Federal Government Liaison Officer. Details on positions and duties can be found in the CNPA Constitution and Bylaws. President/National Director (Prairie ) Bruce Anderson First Vice-President/National Director (Mountain) Blake Olson Executive Secretary Ron Hewson Treasurer Ron Charles Vice-President/National Director (Atlantic) Earl Garland Vice-President/National Director (Quebec) Arthur Murphy St-Hilaire Vice-President/National Director (Ontario) Ron Hewson Vice-President/National Director (Prairie ) Joanne Gaborieau Past President/National Director Reg Hebert Membership Co-Chairs Nancy Zajacz Peter Moloney National Director (Newfoundland & Labrador) Wayne Greenland National Director (Atlantic) John Bailey National Director (Atlantic) Bruce Peacock National Director (Quebec) Remi La Haye National Director (Quebec) Denis Cousineau National Director (Ontario) Les MacDonald National Director (Ontario) Robert Haggart National Director (Prairie) Don Gorin National Director (Mountain) Dennis Jensen National Director (Mountain) Al Vodden National Director - Alternate (Nfld. & Labrador) Graham Hill National Director - Alternate (Atlantic) Vacant National Director - Alternate (Quebec) Paul Goupil National Director - Alternate (Ontario) Ron Charles National Director - Alternate (Prairie) Patrick McMullin National Director - Alternate (Mountain) Gordon Wheatley Federal Government Liaison Officer Michael Matthews Communications Officer Vacant Associate Newsletter Editor Joanne Gaborieau Health Care Chairperson Blake Olson Scholarship Chairperson Reg Hebert Webmaster George Rowan CNPA Constitution National By-Laws 2023 2022 2021 Annual Directors Meeting Minutes Pension Committee Health Care Committee Government Liaison Committee 2024 National Executive Left to right: Blake Olson, 1st Vice-President/VP Mountain; Reg Hebert , Past President; Bruce Anderson , National President; Joanne Gaborieau , VP Prairie; Ron Hewson , National Executive Secretary/VP Ontario; Ron Charles , National Treasurer; Nancy Zajacz , Membership Co-Chair; Peter Moloney , Membership Co-Chair; Earl Garland , VP Atlantic Region; George Rowan , Webmaster; John Bailey , Director Atlantic

  • Local Council B14 |

    Montréal South Shore Council (B14) Montreal South Shore Council Facebook Page Council Executive Président ( ) Marc Tessier Tel: (450) 656-7888 Vice-président Michael Buchanan Tel: (450) 653-5853 2e vice-président Boris Klco Tel: (450) 445-9337 Secrétaire Danielle Malo Tel: (450) 448-9454 Trésorier Boris Klco ​ Directeur Réne Delisle Tel: (450) 926-1585 Directeur Jean Perrotte Tel: (450) 443-9740 Directeur Robert Martel Tel: (450) 671-5178 Directeur Jean Lavigne Tel: (450) 716-1745 Directeur Serge Labadie Tel: (514) 943-4618 June 8, 2023 - 35th Anniversary Gala of the B14 Council - In addition to the board members, spouses, elders and many volunteers are included Newsletters June 2023 March 2023 May 2023 February 2023 April 2023 January 2023

  • Local Council A9 |

    St. John's Branch (A9) Council Executive President Wayne Greenland ​ Vice President Hubert Butt ​ Treasurer William J. Penney ​ Secretary Wayne Greenland ​ Past President Graham Hill ​ Alt National Director Graham Hill ​ National Council Rep Wayne Greenland ​ Director June Churchill King ​ Director Bill Penny ​ Director Harold Piercey ​ Director Vic Wiseman ​ Director Bob Grouchy ​ Director Wayne Greenland ​ Director Graham Hill ​ Director Anne Peddle ​ Auditor Art King ​

  • Rail Safety Week |

    Rail Safety Week 2022 Help CN to Spread the Rail Safety Message This year, Rail Safety Week will be held in Canada, the United States and Mexico from September 19 - 25. Operation Lifesaver, and its partners, created Rail Safety Week in 2003 to raise public awareness of the potential dangers at railway crossings and from trespassing on railway property. Since then the momentum has grown and together with our partners at Operation Lifesaver, CN will join forces again this year to promote public rail safety in communities throughout our network across North America. Join our CN Rail Safety Week team! Railway safety is a shared responsibility Rail safety never takes a break. CN, along with Operation Lifesaver, our communities and local authorities, CN Police officers and other CN employees, helps prevent accidents and injuries at rail crossings to ensure everyone’s safety on and around railroad infrastructure. We are pleased to share some of our online and social media tools with you and would be very grateful if you could help promote railway safety in the days leading up to and during Rail Safety Week by sharing them with the communities and community organizations in which you are involved. We would also like to ask you for a personal favour: please use Rail Safety Week as an opportunity to remind your network of colleagues, family and friends of the importance of being safe around rail property. To assist you in engaging your network in a meaningful dialogue, here is a link to our Rail Safety web page as well as to Operation Lifesaver . Also attached are our Rail Safety Tips you can share within your communities. We are counting on you to help spread the word since rail safety is a shared responsibility : Be Rail Smart! Stop. Look. Listen. Live. #railsafety Finally, we would very much appreciate if you would share your experience, activities and any feedback on rail safety with us by email at . At CN, we are very proud of and grateful for your continued commitment to Rail Safety and for your care for everyone’s safety in your community. We thank you very much for contributing to stronger and safer communities and making them proud to have CN as a neighbour. Yours sincerely, Stephen Covey Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer ​ Rail Safety Tips Cyrus Reporter Vice-President, Public, Government & Regulatory Affairs ​

  • Local Council A2 |

    Campbellton Council (A2) Council Executive President Robert Chiasson ​ Vice President Edgar Godin ​ Treasurer Jean-Louis Fournier ​ Secretary George Giroux ​ Delegate Edgar Godin ​

  • National Scholarships |

    CNPA National Scholarship Program The CNPA SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is sponsored by the National Council of CN Pensioners (CNPA). Its purpose is to financially assist the educational pursuit and career development of families of the CN Pensioners Association Contributing Members. ​ Subject to annual CNPA approval, the Program provides 25 - $1500 one-year scholarships for each fall school year. The scholarships are distributed and available as follows: five $1,500 scholarships in each of the 5 Canadian regions (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie, and Mountain). Eligibility Applications are accepted from children, grandchildren, great grandchildren (includes legally adopted and stepchildren and step grandchildren) of CNPA Contributing Members. Applicants must have a minimum 80% grade average over the most recent 2 full academic school years in order to be considered. Applicants are assessed based on a combination of their marks and several other important weighted factors. These may include: community involvement, personal and academic achievements, extracurricular activities, career objectives and other relative information provided by the applicant. The resume and a detailed covering letter can provide a significant amount of this very valuable information used in the evaluation process. ​ Included below are the complete terms and conditions, as well information on the required documentation. We encourage you to thoroughly read this entire document prior to proceeding. Key Dates Program Opens - April 15, 2024 Application Deadline - August 15, 2024 Winners Contacted - By the end of the first week of September 2024 ​The 2024 Scholarship Program will be open online to applicants effective April 15th, 2024. Applications will once again be accepted by email only and must include all scanned or electronic supporting documentation as one complete PDF file. The application package must be received no later than August 15th, 2024. Please read all the instructions, terms and conditions and submission requirements carefully before emailing your submissions, as incomplete submissions will be rejected. Please ensure you use the current application form below as the form has changed from previous years. ​ 2023 Scholarship Winners Scholarship Program Documents Application Terms & Conditions / Completion Instructions

  • Scholarships |

    Scholarships & Bursaries CNPA National Scholarships The CNPA National Council offers 25 scholarships of $1500 across Canada on an annual basi s. ​ Children & grandchildren of CNPA contributing members get access to this program Additional Regional CNPA Scholarships & Bursaries CNPA Quebec The CNPA of Quebec is pleased to sponsor a CNPA Trade scholarship - the Luc Grenier Trade Bursary ​ ​ CNPA Man itoba The CNPA of Manitoba is pleased to sponsor two bursaries - the Harvey Hosfield Bursary and a CNPA Trade Bursary. Details are found on the CNP A of Manitoba website . 2023 winners are found here ​ ​ CNPA Ontario The Ontario Provincial Council is pleased to sponsor an additional scholarship in addition to the 5 scholarships offered by the CNPA for the Ontario region Moncton Council #1 Moncton Council continues to fund two additional scholarships for grandchildren and great-grandchildren of sponsors who are contributing members of Moncton Council #1. Those interested should apply through the CNPA National Council Scholarship program Additional Non-CNPA Scholarships & Bursaries 2024 details coming soon! Johnson Insurance Our partner -Johnson Insurance - offers scholarship opportunities to students across Canada

  • Local Council A7 |

    Moncton Council #1 (A7) Council Executive President Bruce Peacock ​ 1st Vice-President Helen Bernard ​ 2nd Vice President Earl Garland ​ Secretary Treasurer Royce Girvan ​ Recording Secretary Walter Agnew ​ Past President Vacant ​ Advisory Kaye Bulmer ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Thursday of the month, September to June, 14h00 Where: Moncton No. 1 Council Centre, 1 Curry St., PO Box 23082, Moncton, NB E1C 9M9. Phone: (506) 383-7303

  • Federal Dental Plan |

    Federal Dental Plan In December 2023, the Canadian Government outlined seniors' eligibility for the Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP). The plan will be phased in over time and, by mid-year 2024, many Canadians over 65 may be eligible to receive treatment and coverage under the plan. You can review the provisions, eligibility, timing and how and when to apply online at the Govenment of Canada website - You should receive a government letter when you are age eligible to apply. When you receive the letter: Follow the instructions in the letter to apply by phone. Wait to receive a confirmation from Service Canada that lets you know whether your application was successful and you qualify for the CDCP. If you do qualify, wait to receive your welcome package from Sun Life before scheduling any dental appointments. It will explain further when you can start to get care paid for and how. If you need help, get a family member to assist you, but make sure you take advantage of this important and valuable benefit. If you still have a general question you can call Service Canada at 1-833-537-4342

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