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  • Local Council A3 |

    PEI Council (A3) Council Executive President John Stewart ​ Secretary-Treasurer Sally Jay ​ Recording Secretary Margaret Bell ​ Past President Myron Matheson ​ Director John Stewart ​

  • Local Council E6 |

    Nanaimo Council (E6) Council Executive President Mike Englehart ​ Vice-President Donalda Lapointe ​ Secretary-Treasurer Loretta Bauer ​ Membership Chair Donalda Lapointe ​ Member At Large Charlie Kritsch ​ Member At Large Bruce Sproston ​

  • Local Council A2 |

    Campbellton Council (A2) Council Executive President Robert Chiasson ​ Vice President Edgar Godin ​ Treasurer Jean-Louis Fournier ​ Secretary George Giroux ​ Delegate Edgar Godin ​

  • Local Council E9 |

    Fraser Valley Council (E9) Council Executive President Barry Jones ​ Vice-President Steve Mihell ​ Recording Secretary Rae Sexton ​ Treasurer Joey Valliers Jorgensen ​ Membership Chair Steve Mihell ​ COSCO Rep Barry Jones ​ Regional Council Rep Barry Jones ​ Member at Large Ross Dewar ​ Member at Large Ross T. Gregory ​ Visit the Fraser Valley Council website for more council information and the latest updates Council Meetings ​ When: Second Wednesday of the month, September to June, 13h00 Where: Church in the Valley, 23589 Old Yale Road Langley, BC ​

  • belairdirect Insurance Scholarships |

    belairdirect Insurance Scholarship Program Our partner belairdirect Insurance (formerly Johnson Insurance) is once again proud to offer 50 scholarship opportunities - valued at $1000 each - to eligible applicants starting post-secondary education in the fall of 2024. At belairdirect, they understand the challenges faced by students during their pursuit of higher education, and are proud to offer these scholarships to help them achieve their dreams. The scholarships are offered to belairdirect's valued partner network, of which the CNPA is a member. ​ To apply, "CNPA applicants" must be: a resident of a province or territory of Canada; completing high school in 2024; and enrolled in an undergraduate program on a full-time basis for the 2024-2025 academic year at a recognized publicly funded Canadian post-secondary institution or CEGEP (if living in the province of Quebec). a child or grandchild of a contributing member of the CNPA - the member does NOT have to hold a policy with belairdirect in order for their child/grandchild to apply Application Deadline: July 31, 2024 To learn more about this exciting program, visit , or if you require further information, please call Universities Canada toll free 1 844 567.1237 or email . ​

  • Local Council A7 |

    Moncton Council #1 (A7) Council Executive President Bruce Peacock ​ 1st Vice-President Helen Bernard ​ 2nd Vice President Earl Garland ​ Secretary Treasurer Royce Girvan ​ Recording Secretary Walter Agnew ​ Past President Vacant ​ Advisory Kaye Bulmer ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Thursday of the month, September to June, 14h00 Where: Moncton No. 1 Council Centre, 1 Curry St., PO Box 23082, Moncton, NB E1C 9M9. Phone: (506) 383-7303

  • Death of Pensioner |

    Dealing with the Death of a CN Pensioner You may be here because you recently lost a loved one or are assisting someone who has. If so, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to you and the family from everyone at the CN Pensioners Association (CNPA). It is always heartbreaking when we hear that a fellow CN Pensioner or their spouse or survivor has passed away. We recognize that this is a difficult time for the family and realize the issues you will face dealing with the loss. To assist family members manage what can be a difficult process, we have developed various checklists and links which may help make the process a bit easier. While we have attempted to list most usual items to be addressed or handled, the lists are not exhaustive and will not address every unique or unusual situation. Accordingly, you may often need specific professional, legal, financial or other outside support and we encourage you to get all the assistance you may require. These checklists were primarily developed to assist those receiving a CN Pension. Other CN retirees may also find the non-CN Pension information helpful. 1. Contact CN Pension and Benefits Administration ​ When a CN Pensioner passes away, there are a number of things the spouse or family needs to do, but one thing that is important is to contact CN Pension & Benefits Administration as quickly as possible. Call them at: 1-800-361-0739 – Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time CN Pension & Benefits Administration will ensure that necessary paperwork gets started and if there is an eligible spouse, that there is limited delay in managing their survivor pension. In addition, by contacting them, they will: ​ ​ Get all the necessary information from you to start managing the process. This includes mailing specific forms/documents related to the pension, for completion, signatures and submission back to them. Start the process for an eligible survivor pension. If there is a CN sponsored life insurance policy, CN Pension & Benefits Administration will notify the insurance company who will then write the spouse or estate and provide information on how to file a claim. If the CN Pensioner was a member of the CN Pensioners Association, this membership will be cancelled with the last pension payment. If the surviving spouse wishes, they may re-enroll via the application form that will be provided in the package from CN Pension & Benefits Administration.​ ​ Who should call CN Pension & Benefits Administration? If there is an eligible spouse, and they are able to, they should be the person to call. Someone who is registered with CN Pension & Benefits Administration as a Power of Attorney for the deceased CN Pensioner, or the spouse of the deceased CN Pensioner. The person designated as the Executor/Administrator of the estate of the deceased CN Pensioner. If none of the above are available, a family member who is acting for the deceased. ​ What information should they have on hand when they call? The unique 6 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) of the deceased CN Pensioner. This may be found on previous annual pension statements, CN pension deposit notices, CN tax slips, a CNPA membership card, the original retirement forms or CN correspondence. The date of birth and the date of death of the CN Pensioner The residential address of the deceased CN Pensioner The Social Insurance Number of the deceased CN Pensioner ​ If there is an eligible spouse of the deceased pensioner and they are contacting CN Pension & Benefits Administration, or if someone acting on behalf of the spouse is calling, they should also have the following information available about the spouse: Spouse’s date of birth Spouse’s Social Insurance Number Spouse’s residential address – especially if it will be different than the deceased pensioner Spouse’s phone number Bank account information ​ An Estate Executor or a Power of Attorney or Administrator acting on behalf of the deceased CN Pensioner or the surviving spouse would need all the preceding information when calling ​ Following the call, a package will be prepared and mailed to the appropriate person or party and will include various forms to complete and a list of required documents to provide (such as a copy of the death certificate for example). Although the payment of the survivor pension may commence following the notification of the member’s death, it may be suspended if the required documents aren’t received in a timely fashion after the package has been issued. In the event that there is no eligible spouse at time of death, there is still the possibility that there may be a benefit payable. CN Pension & Benefits Administration will provide all necessary information in this regard to the appropriate person or party. NOTE: When a CN Pensioner passes away, and their eligible surviving spouse commences receiving their survivor CN pension, the surviving spouse is now considered to be a CN Pensioner, and will assume the PIN of the deceased CN Pensioner. If a surviving spouse deceases, the processes listed above for a deceased pensioner will now apply to this surviving spouse. If the CN Pensioner had a CN Travel Pass – they should contact CN Pension and Benefits Administration and ask about continued eligibility. 2. Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners ​ Was the CN Pensioner enrolled in the CN Pensioners Association Health Care Plan administered by Medavie Blue Cross under Plan number 93115? If they were, when contact is made with CN Pension & Benefits Administration, they will advise Medavie Blue Cross of the individual’s passing. ​ If the CN Pensioner’s spouse was covered under the Pensioner member’s plan, Medavie Blue Cross will continue coverage for the spouse at no charge but for only two (2) additional months. These 2 months provide time for the new pension papers to be processed and allows an eligible surviving spouse the opportunity to reapply for coverage if desired. ​ Important - The original policy for the deceased pensioner, that included the spouse, will be cancelled at the end of the 2 month free period for the spouse and the current Blue Cross cards will be invalidated. An eligible spouse must REAPPLY if desired. ​ If there is an eligible spouse who will be receiving a CN survivor pension, included with the pension documents that will be sent from CN Pension & Benefits Administration will be a new Medavie Blue Cross information package & application. If the eligible spouse is interested, they can join/rejoin the CN Pensioners Association Health Care Plan. ​ Even if the CN Pensioner and/or the eligible spouse was not previously covered by the CN Pensioners Association Health Care Plan, an eligible spouse will still receive a Medavie Blue Cross information package and application and may submit their application to join the Plan. ​ An eligible spouse who intends to apply or reapply must submit their application form to Medavie Blue Cross in the enclosed enveloped within 60 days of receiving their survivor pension. If not, they will not be eligible to reapply later. (Exceptions may apply in Quebec)​ ​ If the Spouse is not eligible for the CN survivor pension, they will also not be eligible for CN Pensioner Blue Cross Plan coverage. ​ If there were any outstanding medical claims not previously submitted, please submit them as quickly as possible. If unsure about the process on how to claim or time limits, call Medavie Blue Cross at 1-866-660-7670. ​ If there was NO eligible surviving spouse or if the surviving spouse chooses NOT to apply for coverage, the spouse or estate should contact Medavie Blue Cross at 1-866-660-7670, as there may be a reimbursable overpayment of premium. ​ If the SPOUSE of a current covered CN Pensioner deceases, the Pensioner should contact Medavie Blue directly to review options to change their coverage. ​ ​ CN Post Retirement Health Care Spending Account Some former unionized CN Pensioners may receive this benefit from Canadian National following retirement between the ages of 55 and 65. If the deceased pensioner is between those ages, please contact Medavie Blue Cross at 1-866-660-7670, who administers this benefit for CN. Non-CN Pension Related Information ​ While the CN Pensioners Association is not directly involved with the various Canadian/Provincial government agencies, we have listed some of the contacts of the primary agencies which many of our pensioners may receive benefits from and other items to consider. In addition, Contact information is provided below for Via Rail, Marine Atlantic and CN/CP Telecommunications Pensioners. ​ Canada Pension – Québec Pension Plan – Old Age Security – Canada Revenue Agency Many pensioners receive these benefits and when someone passes away, like CN, they must be notified to stop payments and process any survivor benefits. ​ To learn more about notifying the various affected Canadian government agencies visit: Canadian Government Notification of Death You will need Proof of Death and the deceased CN Pensioner’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) ​ Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Reporting Death page or call 1-800-959-8281 ​ Québec Pension Plan (QPP) – Reporting Death page or call 1-800-463-5185 ​ Service Canada handles the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) Plans as well as the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) For Service Canada - visit Service Canada or call 1-800-622-6232 – to notify of death and review any potential survivor or death benefits. Service Canada can also advise on cancelling a passport. ​ ​ Registering the Death Your province requires the death to be registered. A funeral home typically will register a death within the province, and if they provide you with a death certificate, it means the death HAS been registered. If you don’t utilize a funeral home and don’t have a death certificate, you will usually need to notify the provincial department of Vital Statistics or provincial Services department. ​ Other various Agencies or Documents which may require changes or cancellation Driver’s licence (contact your province to cancel), motor vehicle registrations & insurance, land titles, home insurance, utilities Provincial medical insurance coverage or other medical insurance Banks, credit cards, investment firms Clubs, organizations, memberships, social media, online accounts, subscriptions ​ VIA Rail Pensioners – 1-800-799-9934 – (Request Pension Administration) ​ Marine Atlantic Pensioners – 1-800-561-7660 (Request Pension Administration) ​ CN/CP Telecommunications Pensioners – 1-800-276-7630 (ALLSTREAM Canada Corp.)

  • Local Council B4 |

    Conseil de Coteau / Vaudreuil-Soulanges (B4) Council Executive Président Daniel Leroux Tel: (450) 455-7330 Vice-président Michel Marin Tel: (450) 267-9970 Secrétaire-trésorier Andre Beriault Tel: (450) 370-2548 Directeur Richard Methot Tel: (450) 763-2232 Directeur Gilbert Charlebois Tel: (514) 453-6375 Directeur Claude Ladouceur Tel: (450) 267-9521

  • Local Council A10 |

    Sydney Council #6 (A10) Council Executive President Donald McKenna ​ Vice President Vacant ​ Secretary/Treasurer Alexander (Sandy) Jackson ​ Social Committee John Morrison ​

  • Local Council C4 |

    Hamilton Council (C4) Hamilton Council Facebook Page Council Executive President Stanley White ​ 1st Vice President Halle Halle ​ 2nd Vice President Barry Kwicinski ​ Secretary Maureen Smyth ​ Treasurer Scott Montani ​ Membership Chair George Titus ​ OPC Delegate (1) Maureen Smyth ​ OPC Delegate (2) Scott Montani ​ Alt OPC Delegate (1) Barry Kwicinski ​ Golf Committee Scott Montani ​ Phone Committee George Titus ​ Phone Committee Member Gary Clairmont ​ Council Events Hamilton Council Charity Golf Tournament $95 June 12, 2024 11h00 Chedoke Golf Club, Martin Course 563 Aberdeen Avenue Hamilton, ON Contact: Scott Montani Council Meetings ​ When: Third Wednesday of the month, September to May, excluding December, 13h00 Exceptionally, December meeting is held second Friday of December Where: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 163, 435 Limeridge Rd E, Hamilton, ON L9A 2S8

  • Local Council C3 |

    Belleville Council (C3) Council Executive President Les MacDonald ​ 1st Vice President David Simpson ​ 2nd Vice President Harry Hebbourn ​ 3rd Vice President Rick Phillips ​ Secretary Roger McDevitt ​ Treasurer Elaine O'Hara ​ Past President Roger McDevitt ​ Membership Chair David Simpson ​ OPC Delegate (1) David Simpson ​ OPC Delegate (2) Roger McDevitt ​ Alt OPC Delegate (1) Elaine O'Hara ​ Alt OPC Delegate (2) Les MacDonald ​ Newsletter Editor John Mueller ​ Callers Committee Chair Mary Czechowski ​ Sick & Visiting Elaine O'Hara ​ Director John Mueller ​ Director Mary Czechowski ​ Director Trul Trulsen ​ Director Donna Simpson ​ Director Norm Crawford ​ Director Bruno DiGenova ​ Director Tim Spice ​ Council Meetings ​ When: To be announced Where: To be announced ​ Newsletters Spring 2024 Spring 2023 Spring 2022 Winter 2024 Winter 2023 Winter 2022 Fall 2023 Fall 2022 Fall 2021

  • Quebec Scholarships |

    CNPA Quebec Luc Grenier Trade Bursary Purpose To assist financially in the educational pursuit and career development of the families of CNPA contributing members residing in the Province of Québec. Objective One $1,500 trade bursary to be awarded to students registered in a Québec recognized School to have a trade, commencing with the fall 2024 school year. ​ Eligibility Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren (includes legally adopted and step children) of supporting members of the CN Pensioners’ Association who are in good standing for at least one year prior to date of bursary application and residing in the Province of Québec at the time of the application.* ​ * Definition of supporting members as per Article IV Membership Item 4.02(e) of the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Council of CN Pensioners Association Inc. Key Dates Program Opens - April 15, 2024 Application Deadline - August 15, 2024 Winner Contacted - By the end of the first week of September 2024 ​The 2024 Luc Grenier Trade Bursary, sponsored by the Quebec Council of the CN Pensioners, will be open online to Applicants effective April 15, 2024. Applications will once again be accepted by email only and must include all scanned or electronic supporting documentation as one complete PDF file. The application package must be received no later than August 15, 2024. Please read all the instructions, terms and conditions and submission requirements carefully before emailing your submissions, as incomplete submissions will be rejected. Please ensure you use the current application form below as the form has changed from previous years. Winners of the annual program are announced in the annual Winter edition of the National Newsletter. 2023 Bursary Winners NOTE: This bursary is subject to approval on a yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting of the Executives of the Québec Region. Bursary Documents Application Terms & Conditions / Completion Instructions

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