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Atlantic Region Council (A1)

The Atlantic Region is comprised of 7 Local Councils in the Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.   There are also 2 Local Councils in the province of Newfoundland who operate independently with 1 Director elected to the National Council

There are 3 Directors elected to the National Council to represent this geographical area. The Atlantic Region also has (1) Pension Committee Representative and (1) Health Care Representative.  These representatives meet regularly in Montreal to ensure that all information regarding pensions and benefits are as good as we can expect.

The Atlantic Region Council is the "umbrella" group that assists the various local councils.  It consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and (1) Director from each of the Local Councils in the Maritime Provinces.  All Executive position are elected on an annual basis.

Council Executive


Robert Chiasson


John Bailey

Secretary - Treasurer

Bruce Peacock

Past President

Edgar Godin

Regional Council Representatives

Campbellton Council (A2)

Edgar Godin

PEI Council (A3)

John Stewart

Edmunston Council #3 (Mens)  (A4)

Jean-Marc Morneault

Moncton Council #1 (A7)

Walter Agnew

South West (Port aux Basques) (A8)


St. John's Branch (A9)


Sydney Council #6 (A10)

Donald McKenna

Saint John Council #2 (A11)

Jimmy Flynn

National Council Representatives

Vice-President/National Director (Atlantic)

Earl Garland

National Director (Atlantic)

Bruce Peacock

National Director (Atlantic)

John Bailey

National Director (Newfoundland & Labrador)

Wayne Greenland

National Director - Alternate (Atlantic)


National Director - Alternate (Nfld. & Labrador)

Graham Hill

Pension Committee

Wayne Greenland

Pension Committee - Alternate

Reg Hebert

Health Care Committee

Earl Garland

Health Care Committee - Alternate

Royce Girvan

Other Council Positions

National Newsletter - Atlantic

Bruce Peacock

Government Liaison - Atlantic

John Bailey

Government Liaison - Nfld. & Labrador

Graham Hill

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