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Health Care / Blue Cross

Your health and well being is important to us.  Whether you participate in the Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners (Blue Cross) or not, you may find information on this site useful in your personal life.

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You have options to submit your claims quickly and easily  - Online through eClaims, on a mobile app or by mail or in person.

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The team working for CN pensioners to secure the best services and options in the Health Care area

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The latest Blue Cross manuals and premium rates by province, as well as printable claim forms are available here

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The federal and provincial governments provide a wide variety of services for seniors.  Find out more here.  

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The Blue Advantage program from Blue Cross offers a wide variety of product and services discounts that you may be eligible for as an enrolled Blue Cross member.


The CN Pensioners Association is pleased to provide post-retirement guidance on illness, injuries or hearing loss which may be related to your career at CN.

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A brief introduction to the new Government of Canada Dental Plan can be found here

Blue Cross - Making Contact

If you have signed up for the CNPA Medavie Blue Cross Plan, and you have questions on coverage, administration of the plan, etc., here are the numbers to call:

  • For questions about Enrolling, Changing Options, Cancellation of Coverage, Premium Rates, please call 1-866-660-7670.

  • ​For questions about Payment of Claims, Definition of Benefits, Coverage Details, Obtaining Prior Approval For Certain Expenses, and to Obtain Claim Forms, please call 1-888-873-9200.

​You may also go to the Medavie Blue Cross Group Benefit website to obtain general information about your Plan and your current coverage, to view your claims and reimbursement history and to print generic claim forms.

Need an income tax receipt, need to know if an item is covered under your plan or to take a look at the detailed history of your claims?

You can now have that information and much more when you go online at in the 'For Plan Members' section. Follow the simple instructions on screen and in minutes you'll be online, in a secure environment, where you can consult important information about your Medavie Blue Cross Benefit Plan.

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