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National Council

The National Council consists of 17 Directors, 16 of which are elected - three (3) each elected by the five (5) regional/provincial councils plus one (1) elected from the Newfoundland provincial council.  The final director is the CNPA Past President.

The Executive Officers of the National Council are the President, a First Vice-President, four (4) Vice-Presidents (one from each regional/provincial council excluding the regional/provincial council which the First Vice President represents), a Treasurer, an Executive Secretary, a Membership Chair(s) and the Past President.


Other roles of the National Council include, but are not limited to, the Health Care Chair, Communications Officer, Associate Communications Officer, the Scholarship Chair and the Federal Government Liaison Officer.


Details on positions and duties can be found in the CNPA Constitution and Bylaws.


Reg Hebert 

Executive Secretary

Wayne Greenland


Ron Charles

First Vice-President/National Director (Prairie)

Bruce Anderson

Vice-President/National Director (Atlantic)

Earl Garland

Vice-President/National Director (Quebec)

Arthur Murphy St-Hilaire

Vice-President/National Director (Ontario)

Ron Hewson

Vice-President/National Director (Mountain)

Al Vodden

Past President/National Director

Yves Bourdon

National Director (Newfoundland & Labrador)

Wayne Greenland

National Director (Atlantic)

Bruce Peacock

National Director (Atlantic)

Reg Hebert

National Director (Quebec)

Remi La Haye

National Director (Quebec)

Denis Cousineau

National Director (Ontario)

Les MacDonald

National Director (Ontario)

David Simpson

National Director (Prairie)

Joanne Gaborieau

National Director (Prairie)

Gary Heasman

National Director (Mountain)

Dennis Jensen

National Director (Mountain)

Blake Olson

National Director - Alternate (Nfld. & Labrador)

Graham Hill

National Director - Alternate (Quebec)

Paul Goupil

National Director - Alternate (Atlantic)

Robert Chiasson

National Director - Alternate (Ontario)


National Director - Alternate (Prairie)

Patrick McMullin

National Director - Alternate (Mountain)

Gordon Wheatley

Federal Government Liaison Officer

Michael Matthews

Communications Officer

Ken Roberts

Associate Newsletter Editor

Joanne Gaborieau

Health Care Chairperson

Blake Olson

Membership Chairpersons

Nancy Zajacz

Peter Moloney

Scholarship Chairperson

Reg Hebert


George Rowan


Annual Directors Meeting Minutes

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