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Federal Dental Plan

In December 2023, the Canadian Government outlined seniors' eligibility for the Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP). The plan will be phased in over time and, by mid-year 2024, many Canadians over 65 may be eligible to receive treatment and coverage under the plan.


You can review the provisions, eligibility, timing and how and when to apply online at the Govenment of Canada website -

You should receive a government letter when you are age eligible to apply. When you receive the letter:


  1. Follow the instructions in the letter to apply by phone.

  2. Wait to receive a confirmation from Service Canada that lets you know whether your application was successful and you qualify for the CDCP.

  3. If you do qualify, wait to receive your welcome package from Sun Life before scheduling any dental appointments. It will explain further when you can start to get care paid for and how.

If you need help, get a family member to assist you, but make sure you take advantage of this important
and valuable benefit. If you still have a general question you can call Service Canada at 1-833-537-4342

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