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National & Provincial Services for Seniors

The federal and provincial governments provide a wide variety of services for seniors.  Click on the links below to find out more details

Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Pension Splitting, Dental Services, etc.

Seniors Low Income Supplement, Accessible Vehicle Funding, Drug Assistance plan for low income residents, Disabled Persons benefits

Seniors Pharmacare, Age Tax Credit, Affordable Living Tax Credit

Flu Vaccination, Some Hearing and Visual Aid Devices, Eye Exams, Physical Deficiency Devices, Shelter Allowance Program, Tax Credits for Home Services

Adult Learning, Palliative Care Drug Access Program Manitoba Income Supplement, Rent Assist, Manitoba Family, Personal and Caregiver Tax Credits, Seniors School Tax Credit, Geriatric Programs, Seniors Eyeglass Programs and Exams, Pharmacare, Cancer Drug Program, Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners, Free Fishing License

Alberta Seniors Benefit Income Supplement Program, Special Needs Assistance, Dental & Optical Assistance, Property Tax Deferral Program, Home Adaptation & Repair Program, Aids to Daily Living, Prescription Drug & Extended Health Care coverage for seniors (Alberta Blue Cross)

Property Tax Deferral, Seniors Home Repair Program, Adult Immunizations

Low Income Seniors Benefit, Property Tax Deferral Program, Drug Plan for Seniors, Low Income Energy Savings Program, Health Services Program

Property Tax Grant – Senior/Disabled Property Tax Relief, Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, Disability Home and Vehicle Modification Program, Colon Cancer Check, Immunizations, Eye Exams, Ontario Drug Benefit Program, Diabetic Testing Agents, Assistive Devices Program

Sask. Drug Program, Seniors Income Plan, Care at Home and Outside the Hospital, Rental Housing Assistance, Personal Home Care Benefit, Palliative Care Drug Program

Property Tax Deferral Program, Pharmacare Drug Program, Seniors Property Tax Rebate, Discounted BC Ferries, Transit Fees, Home Adaptation Grants, Medical Travel Assistance, Immunizations, Home Renovation Credit

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