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Blue Cross Travel Medical Insurance

If you travel for extended periods of time you know how much travel medical insurance
coverage can cost you. If you are a member of the Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners
#93115, you have the ability to reduce some of those costs on certain trips. In conjunction with Medavie Blue Cross, we provide a discount on the
first 15 days you travel if you travel and buy insurance for a trip over 16 days. Some important information:

  • Travel insurance must be purchased for the entire duration of your trip.

  • The minimum trip duration required to qualify for the discount is 16 days.

  • The 15-day premium discount is applied on the Health Insurance coverage premium only. It cannot be applied to other Travel Insurance coverage such as trip cancellation or baggage coverage.

  • It can also be purchased for your family members covered under this policy #93115.

∗ Premium rates are always subject to medical conditions, Provincial health coverage and other restrictions.

To take advantage of this offer, get your Blue Cross card out, have your CN PIN number and
policy # 93115 ready & call one of the following numbers

Toll free:  1-888-905-3493 or 888-857-2583
Local:      514-908-3493
Hours:     Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Eastern Time)

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