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Ford of Canada Vehicle Purchase

Ford of Canada has teamed up with Canadian National to offer you the opportunity to purchase a selection of Ford vehicles with discounted pricing.  The reduction on Ford products is called the "Partner Recognition Program".  CN's Supplier Code is 0C208 (zeroC2zero8). 


Here's how to take advantage of the discount

  • Access the Ford partner website ( or call 1-877-294-7554.

  • You will be asked to provide a "supplier code" - use the code 0C208 (zeroC2zero8).

  • Ford will provide you with a personal identification number to use.

  • Visit a participating dealer and identify yourself as a Partner Recognition participant.

  • Provide the dealer with your SIN and PIN provided to you by Ford to confirm eligibility.

  • Select an eligible vehicle.

  • Provide proof that you are a CN Pensioner (such as cheque stub, Pass, GT4 or CNPA Membership Card)

  • Arrange for delivery of vehicle.

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