Edmonton: CN RailVets (E3)


President Jim Hawthorne Tel: (780) 447-5363
  302,10770 Winterburn Rd
  Edmonton, AB T5S 1T5 jim.hawthorne@telus.net
Vice-President Al Vodden Tel: (780) 489-7027
  1220 Breckenridge Drive NW
  Edmonton, AB T5T 6J8 alvodden@gmail.com
Secretary-Treasurer & Membership Ines McGowan Tel: (780) 483-0415
  Edmonton, AB T5P 0B2 cnpensionedmonton@telus.net
Recording Secretary Sandra Barnes Tel: (780) 425-0868
  #305, 8340 Jasper Ave. NW
  Edmonton, AB T5H 4C6 barnessg@shaw.ca
Auditor Joe English Tel: (780) 458-7691
  26 Woodlands Rd
  St Alberta, AB T8N 3M3 jefco@telusplanet.net
National Director & Pension Committee Rep Butch Whiteman Tel: (780) 438-1600
  2419-113 St NW
  Edmonton, AB T6J 4Y7 bwhiteman@shaw.ca
Director at Large Paul Hawirko Tel: (780) 489-0615
  16013 - 93 A Ave.
  Edmonton, AB T5R 5J7 phawirko@shaw.ca
Director at Large Jim Munsey Tel: (780) 466-0931
  8628 - 69 A St. NW
  Edmonton, AB T6B 1W3 muns@telusplanet.net
Director at Large Chris Randall Tel: (780) 430-8680
  #15 - 9 Dechene Rd
  Edmonton, AB T6M 2V1 jwrandall@shaw.ca
Director at Large Larry Hurrell Tel: (780) 434-7550
  3310-112C St
  Edmonton, AB T6J 3W8 lbhurrell@telus.net
Director at Large Jules Soetaert Tel: (780) 457-2102
  9927 178 St.
  Edmonton, AB T5X 5X2 juless@telus.net
Director at Large Andy Novak Tel: (780) 456-7289
  14723 117 St.
  Edmonton, AB T5X 1J9 a.d.novak@shaw.ca
Director at Large Diana Novak Tel: (780) 456-7289
  14723 117 St.
  Edmonton, AB T5X 1J9 a.d.novak@shaw.ca
Director At Large Mary Jean Strachan Tel: (780) 466-0948
  7103 - 97 Ave.
  Edmonton, AB T6B 1C8 maryjeanstrachan@shaw.ca


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Edmonton Chapter - 2016

President: Jim Hawthorne

2015 Executive

From left to right: Ines McGowan, Paul Hawirko, Jim Munsey, Jim Hawthorne, Sandra Barnes, Butch Whiteman, Al Vodden, Jules Soetaert, Larry Hurrell, Chris Randall, Andy Novak, Diana Novak. Missing from photo Hugh Critchley and Mary Jean Strachan.

2014 Executive

Front, left to right:

Diana Novak, Andy Novak, Jim Munsey, Paul Hawirko, Al Vodden, Mary Jean Strachan, Butch Whiteman, Hugh Critchley.

Rear, left to right:

Bill Buchanan, Chris Randall, Jim Hawthorne, Ines McGowan, Jules Soetaert, Sandra Barnes.

Benefits of Membership

  • RailVets act as a liaison With the National Council to communicate with Canadian National Railways.
  • RailVets will Keep members informed of pension, medical and benefits changes.
  • Direct help is given to members having problems communicating with Blue Cross or Pension Board
    • For Blue Cross assistance contact with Blake Olson in Vancouver.
    • For Pension assistance contact Butch Whiteman in Edmonton.
    • To email either Blake or Butch simply click on their names above.
  • Monthly meetings with speakers and topics of interest to seniors.
  • Hospital Visits and flowers for members experiencing health problems.
    • Note - We depend on members and friends advising when members should receive flowers or visits.
  • Christmas poinsettias for members or spouses that are in Senior Care Centres.
    • Note - Again we need to be advised of such circumstances
  • Social events (Christmas luncheon and Summer Picnic).
  • Three Local Newsletters annually to keep you informed and in touch.
  • Assistance to Members by providing instructions for survivors upon death of a member.

How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Treasurer & Membership Director. Membership costs only $1.00 per month, it can be made as a payroll deduction from your Pension remittance.

You will receive membership cards for both the CN Pensioners' Association and one from the Railway Pensioners' Association, Alberta.

At the age of 85, 90, 95, 100 and anniversaries of 50, 60, 70 - members are sent flowers.

Spouses of members are also members (no extra fee) and welcome /encouraged to come to meetings/events.

Railvets - Edmonton

Currently the Edmonton chapter has 2100 members. Over the years it has been comprised of Pensioners and Survivors of formers employees of CN Rail, NAR, Air Canada, Via Rail, Macdonald Hotel, CP Rail, CNT Telecommunications. It has evolved over the years to the point it now comprises mainly of CN Rail Retirees. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month, except July and August, at the following location.

Kingsway Legion # 175
14339 - 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5A 0S9
Phone: 780-425-8654

Ample Kingsway Legion parking is available behind the facility - access northbound off 50th St. on the east side of the Street.

It does not cost anything to park when attending a function in the Legion Building.

General Meetings in JANUARY, FEBRUARY, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER start at 1:30 p.m. These meetings usually consist of short business updates followed by a guest speaker and at the conclusion complimentary beverages and cookies/squares are provided.

Luncheon Meetings in MARCH, OCTOBER , DECEMBER start at 11:00 a.m. and are a hot buffet lunch at a cost of $5.00 per person.

Day of week: 2nd Wednesday Sept - June
Start time: 1330 except 1100 Mar/Oct/Dec (charge for lunch)


A newsletter is published three times a year, spring, fall and winter, and can be received by E-mail, if so desired.


Schedule of Events

The Edmonton Chapter meets on the second Wednesday of each month except July and August at the Kingsway Legion, Edmonton, AB

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Want to contribute Ideas?

If you have some suggestions for this page or information you feel should be available for the Newsletters please contact our Recording Secretary and Editor of both the Edmonton RailVets newsletter and the National council of CN Pensioners' Association Inc. Pensioners' News which are each published 3 times per year.


Canadian Railway Hall of Fame

Butch Whiteman (L) and Jim Hawthorne (R) representing the CN Pensioners Association, help Shawn Smith (2nd from L), a director of the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame, present Jim Munsey with a Canadian Railway Hall of Fame induction plaque during a pensioner's meeting in Edmonton May 22, 2009.

Butch Whiteman (L) presents Jim Munsey with an Achievement Certificate from the CN Railway Pensioner's Association that recognizes his induction into the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame during a pensioner's meeting in Edmonton May 22, 2009

Photos by Railway Association of Canada