Associations de retraités du CN, Inc.


President Jean Marc Morneault
Past President Jean Rene Lavoie
Secrétaire-financier Réal (Badou) Desjardins
Trésorier Michael Guarin
Directeur Jean Marc Morneault

Signed: Gerry Verret, President Council #3

Mr. Florent Picard, PRD member of Council #3, Edmundston, and retired Locomotive Engineer, is being shown on left receiving his renewed 50 years Golden Travel Pass from Local President and Atlantic Regional Council Director, Gerry Verret. He is the only Locomotive Engineer in Canada and possibly North America who has worked for CN 50 years and four months. He entered service of CN on 12 May 1927, retiring on pension 30 August 1977. Now 92 years of age, Mr. Picard keeps actively fit with Golf in summer and Cross Country Skiing in Winter. We congratulate and wish him well in his retirement.

CNPA Breakfast Meeting at Daigle Restaurant in St. Leonard, N.B. :

First row, from left to right : Bill Tardif, Gerard Verret, Leo Barriault, Richard Rioux et Dorina Theriault;
2nd row: Adeline Verret, Raoul Tardif, Louis Theriault, Armand Tardif, Cécile Tardif & Ernest Foulem;
3rd row: George Theriault, Jean-Yves Proulx, Philippe Parisé, Mario Labonté, Pierre Gervais, Camille Theriault & Rino Pelletier.

Breakfast meeting, CNPA members, at the Silver Bell Restaurant, on April 21, 2010 :

1st row from left to right: Charles Richard, Raoul Tardif, Léo Barriault, Armand Cyr, Yvonne Cyr and Dorina Plourde. 2nd row : Gerard Verret, président-sortant, Raymond Lagasse, Richard Rioux, Ernest Foulem, Lloyd Walker and Lionel Arseneault; 3rd row : Camille Theriault, Dorina Theriault, Cécile Tardif, Adeline Verret, présidente-sortante, Raymond Caron and Louis Theriault; 4th row: Jean-Yves Proulx, George Theriault, Armand Tardif and Delbert Tardif. Missing in the photo: Pierre and Claire Gervais.

History of Edmundston Men's Council #3

In 1975 the late Antoine Desjardins founded this council with Laurier Verrette as Secretary. There were 25 members attending the meeting.

The names of Local Presidents that followed Mr. Desjardins were: Real Perusse, Late Oneil Macdonald, Late Valier Guy, Late Laurier Verrette, Late Marius Senechal, Roger Lebel, Late Adrien Verret, Tilmon Daigle, Gerry Verret, Emilien Devost and the present President is Gerry Verret (2004).

Council #3 attained 100% membership last year (2003) in their geographical area, following one-on-one personal contact with all pensioners and survivors.

Meetings are held at La Villa des Jardins on the 3rd Monday, every two months. They also attend breakfast meetings every 3rd Wednesday of each month outside Edmundston in St. Anne, St. Leonard, Grand Falls, Drummond and new Denmark, where the President brief members in attendance of the previous monthly meeting agenda and various news. Edmundston CNPA also has two bowling leagues.

Professional guests are invited to our meetings where they brief the members on CPP, OASP, insurances, scams, Power of Attorney, Last Will & Testament, Executors (trix), Evaluation of a senior before being admitted to a Nursing Home and the result of his/her personal finance and assets, and the list goes on.

The Local Council has set up seven telephone Captains who arrange contacts regarding coming events, meetings, deaths -reuniting for prayers, and other assistance deemed necessary to the family in mourning. Members are visited while in hospitals or Homes.

Even if we have 100% membership, there is always room for improvement, especially in hope that every pensioner and survivor in Canada join as PRD members. Our Association is the only group where it can speak on our behalf at Local, Regional And National levels enabling our National Representatives to request further pension increases and improvements, hotel rate reductions, etc.

If those non-members would only read attentively the content of our CN pensioners' News, perhaps it would help them appreciate the tremendous tasks CNPA has to face. We're only a phone call away for addition information.