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  • Local Council E10 |

    Central & Northern BC (E10) Council Executive President Jeff Mohr ​ Vice President Dieter Laupitz ​ Treasurer Mike Petrescu ​ Secretary Dieter Laupitz ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Tuesday of the month, September to May, excluding December, 14h00 Where: Elks Hall, 663 Douglas St., Prince George, BC ​

  • Members Obituaries |

    Friends & Colleagues No Longer With Us* * Based on information received from CN Pensions & Benefits Administration for last 4 months Last Name Initial / Initiale du nom de famille A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Filter by Last Name Select Last Name arrow&v Filter by First Name Select First Name arrow&v Filter by Council Name Select Council Name arrow&v Last Name/Nom de famille First Name/Prénom Date of Death/Date de décès Council Code Council Name/Nom du conseil Cousineau Dillon Monique 02/28/2023 B7 Conseil Montréal / Laval Dumas Jacqueline 02/28/2023 B9 Conseil québécois Germain Jeannine 02/28/2023 B9 Conseil québécois Lizotte Monique 02/28/2023 B7 Conseil Montréal / Laval Mitchell Helen Marie 02/28/2023 C11 Sarnia Council Pelle Italia 02/28/2023 F2 National Council Ryan Diane 02/28/2023 C2 Barrie Council Byers Robert 02/27/2023 D2 Saskatchewan Council Genesse Daniel 02/27/2023 B6 Conseil du Centre-de-la-Mauricie / Haut-Saint-Mauricie / Laviolette Martin Fred 02/27/2023 C8 Niagara Falls Council Penton Joanna 02/27/2023 D3 Manitoba Division #1 Wright Kevin 02/27/2023 C14 Toronto Council Chaytor Henry Robert 02/26/2023 A9 St. John's Branch Oickle Marcella M 02/26/2023 A7 Moncton Council #1 Allen Gail 02/25/2023 E4 Kamloops Council Leblanc Noella 02/25/2023 B7 Conseil Montréal / Laval McDonald Thomas C 02/25/2023 C13 Thunder Bay Council Skelly Patricia T 02/25/2023 D3 Manitoba Division #1 Steeves Gerard 02/25/2023 A7 Moncton Council #1 Bennett Fronie 02/24/2023 A9 St. John's Branch Bennett Jack D 02/24/2023 C6 Kingston Council Dorcas Paul 02/24/2023 A4 Edmundston Council # 3 (Mens) Friend Norman 02/24/2023 C2 Barrie Council Notaro Bernice 02/24/2023 B7 Conseil Montréal / Laval Devincenzo Pasqualina 02/23/2023 C7 London Council Findley Marjorie 02/23/2023 A4 Edmundston Council # 3 (Mens) Mesheau Terrance 02/23/2023 A7 Moncton Council #1 MacCoy Jo-Anne 02/22/2023 D3 Manitoba Division #1 MacCoy Jo-Anne 02/22/2023 F2 National Council Webster Reta 02/22/2023 C14 Toronto Council Wood Henry 02/22/2023 C11 Sarnia Council Berard Arthur 02/21/2023 E3 Edmonton: CN RailVets Breau Dorice 02/21/2023 A7 Moncton Council #1 Knipe John 02/21/2023 C14 Toronto Council Roy Laurent 02/21/2023 B7 Conseil Montréal / Laval Bruneau Anita 02/20/2023 E3 Edmonton: CN RailVets Gibson Ronald 02/20/2023 D3 Manitoba Division #1 Hould Lionel 02/20/2023 D3 Manitoba Division #1 Kanto Arvid Edwin 02/20/2023 C2 Barrie Council Larocque Charles 02/20/2023 B7 Conseil Montréal / Laval Page 1 of 23

  • C3

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  • Membership |

    Why Membership Matters ​Membership consists of retired CN employees, surviving spouses and honorary members as well as retirees and their spouses from groups formerly connected with CN (i.e. VIA Rail and Marine Atlantic). Active employees can be admitted as social members without voice or vote. "Bridged" employees are also eligible for membership to the CN Pensioners' Association. Although we advocate on behalf of all CN Pensioners and surviving spouses as volunteers, operating expenses are a reality. If you are not already a contributing member, by becoming one for only $1.00 a month, you can help defray such expenses. Your $1 per month will entitle you to several membership benefits and as information, approximately $0.83 of your $1 per month is returned to your local council of choice for their use. It is easy to become a member – just go to our sign up form below or email us at . For more information, click on one of the topics below What the CNPA Does For You What does your annual $12 fee get for you as a member? Pension representation, health care plan, benefits, newsletters, discounts, local meetings and events and so much more Members Obituary Listing With the passage of time comes the recent passing of those we knew... Employment Opportunities Wondering about a second career or earning some additional income? There are opportunities that might be of interest to you Joining the CNPA If you're not yet a CNPA member, you should be! Welcome aboard! ​ Fill out and submit the application form and you'll become one of the more than 30000 members Members Reference Page Need contact info? Where do I look on Facebook? What other CNPA web sites exist? Look here! CNPA Members Discounts CNPA members can save on a number of services or items such as insurance, travel packages, car rentals, hotel stays, office equipment and even vehicles. And there is CN Pass for travel on VIA Rail for some members Frequently Asked Questions In case you were wondering...

  • A8

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  • Local Council E3 |

    Edmonton: CN RailVets (E3) Council Executive President Al Vodden ​ Vice President Bruce Macdonald ​ Recording Secretary Mary Jean Strachan ​ Treasurer John Wiebe ​ Membership Chair Peter Treloar ​ Newsletter Editor Peter Treloar ​ Director at Large Butch Whiteman ​ Director at Large Chris Randall ​ Director at Large Antoni (Tony) Andrzejewski ​ Director at Large Andy Novak ​ Director at Large Diana Novak ​ Director at Large Cliff Gervais ​ Auditor Joe English ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Second Wednesday of the month, September to June General Meetings - January, March, May, June, September & November - starting at 13h30. T hese meetings usually consist of short business updates followed by a guest speaker and at the conclusion, complimentary beverages and cookies/squares are provided. Luncheon Meetings - February, April, October & December - starting at 11h00 - with a hot buffet lunch (small charge collected at the door) Where: Chateau Nova Yellowhead Hotel, 13920 - Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton, AB T5L3C2, ( ) Newsletters Fall 2022 Fall 2021 Fall 2020 Spring 2022 Spring 2021 Spring 2020 Winter 2022 Winter 2021 Winter 2020

  • Local Council E9 |

    Fraser Valley Council (E9) Council Executive President Barry Jones ​ Vice-President Ross Gregory ​ Recording Secretary Walter Burrows ​ Treasurer Joey Valliers Jorgensen ​ Membership & Committee Coordinator Ross Dewar ​ COSCO Rep Vic Locke ​ COSCO Rep Barry Jones ​ Regional Council Rep Barry Jones ​ Social Coordinator Ross T. Gregory ​ Recording Secretary Rae Sexton ​ Social Coordinator Joey Valliers-Jorgenson ​ Council Meetings ​ When: First Wednesday of the month, September to June, 13h00 Where: Church in the Valley, 23589 Old Yale Road Langley, BC ​

  • A11

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  • Local Council A7 |

    Moncton Council #1 (A7) Council Executive President Bruce Peacock ​ 1st Vice-President Reg Hebert ​ 2nd Vice President Earl Garland ​ Secretary Treasurer Royce Girvan ​ Recording Secretary Walter Agnew ​ Past President Webb Vance ​ Advisory Kaye Bulmer ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Thursday of the month, September to June, 14h00 Where: Moncton No. 1 Council Centre, 1 Curry St., PO Box 25085, Moncton, NB E1C 9M9. Phone: (506) 383-7303

  • A9

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  • Local Council C4 |

    Hamilton Council (C4) Council Executive President Stanley White ​ 1St Vice President Joan Elliot ​ 2nd Vice President Barry Kwicinski ​ Secretary Maureen Smyth ​ Treasurer Scott Montani ​ Membership Chair George Titus ​ OPC Delegate (1) Maureen Smyth ​ OPC Delegate (2) Joan Elliot ​ Alt OPC Delegate (1) Barry Kwicinski ​ Golf Committee Joan Elliot ​ Phone Committee George Titus ​ Phone Committee Member Gary Clairmont ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Wednesday of the month, September to May, excluding December, 13h00 Exceptionally, December meeting is held second Friday of December Where: St. John’s United Church, 195 East 38th Street and Queensdale Ave, Hamilton, ON ​ ​

  • Local Council E4 |

    Kamloops/Okanagan Council (E4) Council Executive President Myron Wizniak ​ 1st Vice President Stan Kulchyski ​ 2nd Vice President Hubert Plante ​ Treasurer Beverley Chicoine ​ Secretary Josie Jensen ​ Director Dennis Jensen ​ Director Margaret Golanowski ​ Director Angela Stewart ​ Director Hubert Plante ​ Director Stan Kulchyski ​ National Director Dennis Jensen ​ Webmaster J.F. (Jack) Barroso ​ Council Meetings ​ When: First Tuesday of the month, September to June, 12h00 (charge for lunch) Where: Japanese Culture Centre, 160 Vernon Ave, Kamloops, BC V2B 1L6 ​

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