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  • Local Council A7 |

    Moncton Council #1 (A7) Council Executive President Bruce Peacock ​ 1st Vice-President Reg Hebert ​ 2nd Vice President Earl Garland ​ Secretary Treasurer Royce Girvan ​ Recording Secretary Walter Agnew ​ Past President Webb Vance ​ Advisory Kaye Bulmer ​ Council Meetings ​ When: Third Thursday of the month, September to June, 14h00 Where: Moncton No. 1 Council Centre, 1 Curry St., PO Box 23082, Moncton, NB E1C 9M9. Phone: (506) 383-7303

  • Home |

    Reminder 2023 Tax forms are sent out at the end of February 2024 National Scholarships Councils Membership Pension Newsletters Healthcare CN Community Welcome to the CN Pensioners Association ​The purpose of the CN Pensioners’ Association (CNPA) is to represent the needs of all retired CN employees. Our objective is to protect your interests, financial and otherwise, regarding your pension, your benefits and support and enhance your social interests and activities. Our Mission To be an association of honesty and integrity whose goal is to be second to none in protecting the interests of all CN pensioners financially, socially and emotionally. An association which can be called on at any moment of need. Our Vision To grow this association with integrity, for the people and by the people with a team of volunteers whose ultimate goal is to do their best in an effort to achieve a better standard of living for our fellow pensioners and surviving spouses This website is intended to provide service and support to our CN Pensioner population. If you have been retired for a while, you may already be familiar with this site. If you are just newly retired, we want to extend congratulations and a warm welcome to you. Or perhaps you are in the process of preparing for retirement from CN and want to check us out. Whatever your reason for visiting our website, Welcome! your retirement follows years of dedicated service, hard work and family sacrifices. Now, it is time to transition and enjoy a well-deserved rest, time with family and friends and enjoy many years of health and well-being. More About Us

  • Local Council A9 |

    St. John's Branch (A9) Council Executive President Wayne Greenland ​ Vice President Hubert Butt ​ Treasurer William J. Penney ​ Secretary Wayne Greenland ​ Past President Graham Hill ​ Alt National Director Graham Hill ​ National Council Rep Wayne Greenland ​ Director June Churchill King ​ Director Bill Penny ​ Director Harold Piercey ​ Director Vic Wiseman ​ Director Bob Grouchy ​ Director Wayne Greenland ​ Director Graham Hill ​ Director Anne Peddle ​ Auditor Art King ​

  • National |

    National Council The National Council consists of 17 Directors, 16 of which are elected - three (3) each elected by the five (5) regional/provincial councils plus one (1) elected from the Newfoundland provincial council. The final director is the CNPA Past President. ​ The Executive Officers of the National Council are the President, a First Vice-President, four (4) Vice-Presidents (one from each regional/provincial council excluding the regional/provincial council which the First Vice President represents), a Treasurer, an Executive Secretary, a Membership Chair(s) and the Past President. Other roles of the National Council include, but are not limited to, the Health Care Chair, Communications Officer, Associate Co mmunications Officer, the Scholarship Chair and the Federal Government Liaison Officer. Details on positions and duties can be found in the CNPA Constitution and Bylaws. President Reg Hebert Executive Secretary Wayne Greenland Treasurer Ron Charles First Vice-President/National Director (Prairie) Bruce Anderson Vice-President/National Director (Atlantic) Earl Garland Vice-President/National Director (Quebec) Arthur Murphy St-Hilaire Vice-President/National Director (Ontario) Ron Hewson Vice-President/National Director (Mountain ) Al Vodden Past President/National Director Yves Bourdon National Director (Newfoundland & Labrador) Wayne Greenland National Director (Atlantic) Robert Chiasson National Director (Atlantic) Reg Hebert National Director (Quebec) Remi La Haye National Director (Quebec) Denis Cousineau National Director (Ontario) Les MacDonald National Director (Ontario) David Simpson National Director (Prairie) Joanne Gaborieau National Director (Prairie) Gary Heasman National Director (Mountain) Dennis Jensen National Director (Mountain) Blake Olson National Director - Alternate (Nfld. & Labrador) Graham Hill National Director - Alternate (Quebec) Paul Goupil National Director - Alternate (Atlantic) John Bailey National Director - Alternate (Ontario) Robert Haggart National Director - Alternate (Prairie) Patrick McMullin National Director - Alternate (Mountain) Gordon Wheatley Federal Government Liaison Officer Michael Matthews Communications Officer Vacant Associate Newsletter Editor Joanne Gaborieau Health Care Chairperson Blake Olson Membership Chairpersons Nancy Zajacz Peter Moloney Scholarship Chairperson Reg Hebert Webmaster George Rowan CNPA Constitution National By-Laws 2022 2021 2020 Annual Directors Meeting Minutes Pension Committee Health Care Committee Government Liaison Committee

  • About Us |

    About the CN Pensioners Association Who We Are ​ The purpose of the CN Pensioners Association (CNPA) is to represent the needs of all retired CN employees. Our objective is to protect your interests, financial and otherwise, regarding your pension, your benefits and support and enhance your social interests and activities. The CNPA was established over 40 years ago but we continue to evolve over the years, changing with the times. As a group, we are active in the communities we live in. We proactively advocate governments on Seniors' issues. We are an equal partner, along with the unions and CN, on the CN Pension Committee, ensuring our pensions are funded and improved over time. When sufficient funds are available we propose to the CN Board of Directors, for its consideration, pension improvements for our pensioners and also recommend modifications to the Pension Plan rules to the CN Board of Directors for review and approval. We have an important role in monitoring and communicating matters relating to the funding of our pensions and other pension matters. With over 31,000 pensioners across the country, the CNPA wants to ensure you stay connected, have access to a wide variety of benefits, and have a place to connect with your former colleagues and to meet new friends. All this is managed by dedicated volunteers from every corner of the country. Despite popular belief, we are not just a group of old fogies who sit around playing pinochle. Our CNPA members are involved and active in the communities they live in, in volunteer efforts, recreation and leisure activities. We work with external partners to provide a variety of benefits, including insurance and travel discounts. ​ While CN Pension & Benefits Administration (1-800-361-0739) is the primary contact for your specific defined benefit pension plan issues, you or your spouse can also direct your or concerns about pension provisions, your benefits, changes, etc. to an executive member at any level. We will point you in the right direction for answers on issues affecting your retirement. We are just a call or email away. ​ About Our Organization ​ The CN Pensioners Associations Inc. is a volunteer run, tri-level association, each with their own constitution and by-laws. The Association is comprised of: ​ A National Council whose main role is to: Assist in forming associations of CN pensioners where a sufficient number are located and desire such association, To provide and be the liaison between these associations and the management of Canadian National Railway Company, Promote and protect the social economic and fraternal interests of all CN pensioners. ​​ Five Regional/Provincial Councils whose main role is to: Assist in forming associations of CN pensioners where a sufficient number are located and desire such association, Promote and protect the interests of all retired CN employees in their respective Regions/Provinces, including all pensioners and their spouses formerly connected with CN e.g. VIA Rail, Marine Atlantic and other Affiliates, to provide the proper liaison between CN pensioners and the Officers of CN in these respective Regions/Provinces. Act as an advisory body to assist Local Councils in problem solving. Over 35 local councils strategically located across the nation whose main role is to p romote and protect the interests of all retired CN employees in their respective geographical locations, including all pensioners and their spouses formerly connected with CN e.g. VIA Rail, Marine Atlantic and other Affiliates. ​ ​

  • Mountain Regional Council (E1) |

    Mountain Region Regional Council (E1) More details on the Mountain Region Regional Council can be found by visiting their website ​ Council Executive Chairperson Dennis Jensen Vice Chairperson Gordon Wheatley Secretary Blake Olson Treasurer Al Vodden Regional Council Representatives Calgary - CN RailVets (E2) Judy Woods Edmonton - CN RailVets (E3) Cliff Gervais Kamloops/Okanagan (E4) Myron Wizniak Nanaimo (E6) Len Townsend Victoria (E7) Gordon Wheatley Vancouver (E8) Alex Hui Fraser Valley (E9) Barry Jones Central & Northern BC (E10) Jeff Mohr National Council Representatives Vice-President/National Director (Mountain) Al Vodden National Director (Mountain) Dennis Jensen National Director (Mountain) Blake Olson National Director - Alternate (Mountain) Gordon Wheatley Pension Committee Blake Olsen Pension Committee - Alternate Mary McLaughlin Health Care Committee Blake Olson Health Care Committee - Alternate MIchael Petrescu Other Council Positions National Newsletter - Mountain Alex Hui Government Liaison - Mountain Tim Urbanovitch

  • Discounts - Avis |

    Avis Rent A Car Avis Rent a Car is pleased to offer CNPA members discounted rates for car rentals in Canada, the United States and internationally. Visit the Avis web site - - in order to secure your discount today! Use AWD code B308200 Canada & United States A minimum 5% discount off the lowest discountable rate. Discount can range up to 25%, but that increased discount is subject to a number of variables. International In Africa, Asia, the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, you will receive a maximum 20% discount off the lowest available discountable time and mileage rates ​ Unless otherwise provided, these rates do not include, taxes, insurance, airport fees, drop charges, and no discount would be applied to these charges if they are incurred.

  • Membership |

    Why Membership Matters ​Membership consists of retired CN employees, surviving spouses and honorary members as well as retirees and their spouses from groups formerly connected with CN (i.e. VIA Rail and Marine Atlantic). Active employees can be admitted as social members without voice or vote. "Bridged" employees are also eligible for membership to the CN Pensioners' Association. Although we advocate on behalf of all CN Pensioners and surviving spouses as volunteers, operating expenses are a reality. If you are not already a contributing member, by becoming one for only $1.00 a month, you can help defray such expenses. Your $1 per month will entitle you to several membership benefits and as information, approximately $0.83 of your $1 per month is returned to your local council of choice for their use. It is easy to become a member – just go to our sign up form below or email us at . For more information, click on one of the topics below What the CNPA Does For You What does your annual $12 fee get for you as a member? Pension representation, health care plan, benefits, newsletters, discounts, local meetings and events and so much more Members Obituary Listing With the passage of time comes the recent passing of those we knew... Employment Opportunities Wondering about a second career or earning some additional income? There are opportunities that might be of interest to you Joining the CNPA If you're not yet a CNPA member, you should be! Welcome aboard! ​ Fill out and submit the application form and you'll become one of the more than 30000 members Members Reference Page Need contact info? Where do I look on Facebook? What other CNPA web sites exist? Look here! CNPA Members Discounts CNPA members can save on a number of services or items such as insurance, travel packages, car rentals, hotel stays, office equipment and even vehicles. And there is CN Pass for travel on VIA Rail for some members Frequently Asked Questions In case you were wondering...

  • Quebec Over 65 |

    Coverage for Quebec Pensioners Under 65 Effective January 1, 2022, the Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners no longer offered health care coverage for Quebec pensioners under the age of 65. However, the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) has advised that CN Quebec Pensioners under the age of 65 are eligible to join RAMQ's Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (RAMQ's Plan) as of January 1, 2022, which may provide significant premium savings to you. ​ Why This Change ​ In 2019, RAMQ reviewed the participation terms for the Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners and thereafter revised the eligibility requirements to join RAMQ's Plan. Understanding the potential for premium savings under RAMQ's Plan, the CNPA decided to cancel access to the Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners to allow unrestricted potential access to RAMQ's Plan. Of course, under provincial regulations, Quebec pensioners under age 65 cannot opt for RAMQ's Plan if they are eligible for another private group benefits plan that covers prescription drugs. About RAMQ's Plan and Rules In Quebec, all residents are required to have prescription drug coverage. Coverage is available through RAMQ's Plan or through private group benefits plans provided by an employer or association. If you have access to a private group benefits plan that covers prescription drugs, you must be covered by that plan. Your spouse and dependent children must also be covered by that plan if they are under 65. At age 65, all Quebecers are automatically registered for RAMQ's Plan, and you have the choice to be covered by that plan only, by a private group benefits plan that covers prescription drugs or a combination of both. RAMQ provides Comprehensive Drug Coverage - Lower Premiums - Premiums paid directly through income taxes Joining RAMQ is easy. Registration can be completed by: Telephone at 1-800-561-9749, or Online: What happens if I am over 65 when I retire or will be turning 65 ​ The Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners has been maintained and is available for those who are over age 65 where different rules apply. Eligible CN Pensioners and their spouses will have the option to join the Health Care Plan for CN Pensioners (or stay in the RAMQ's Plan at that time or both). This would be a one-time choice you will have to make when you reach age 65, and you should receive communication from CN Pension & Benefits Administration (1-800-361-0739) in advance of your 65th birthday or with your retirement package after 65. To see the CNPA Health Care Plan coverage and Premium rates in advance, please see the information found elsewhere in the Health Care section. Optional Extended Health Care Coverage ​ As RAMQ's Plan only covers prescription drugs that are listed on the RAMQ formulary, you may choose to buy an optional individual extended health care coverage available from various National or Quebec insurance providers to meet your additional needs. You may also click on these links to see examples of available optional coverage, but you may choose any insurance provider that meets your needs. ​ Blue Cross Health insurance for retirees and those planning retirement Mercer Retiree Solution and to apply click here ​ ​

  • Local Council C3 |

    Belleville Council (C3) Council Executive President Les MacDonald ​ 1st Vice President Vacant ​ 2nd Vice President Harry Hebbourn ​ 3rd Vice President David Simpson ​ Secretary Roger McDevitt ​ Treasurer Elaine O'Hara ​ Past President Roger McDevitt ​ Membership Chair David Simpson ​ Entertainment Chair John McGinnis ​ OPC Delegate (1) David Simpson ​ OPC Delegate (2) Roger McDevitt ​ Alt OPC Delegate (1) Elaine O'Hara ​ Alt OPC Delegate (2) Les MacDonald ​ Newsletter Editor John Mueller ​ Alt OPC Director Vacant ​ Callers Committee Chair Mary Czechowski ​ Sick & Visiting Elaine O'Hara ​ Director John Mueller ​ Director Mary Czechowski ​ Director Donna Simpson ​ Director Norm Newton ​ Director Bruno DiGenova ​ Director Elaine O'Hara ​ Director John McGinnis ​ Council Meetings ​ When: To be announced Where: To be announced ​ Newsletters Fall 2023 Fall 2022 Fall 2021 Spring 2023 Spring 2022 Spring 2021 Winter 2023 Winter 2022 Winter 2021

  • Membership - FAQ |

    Frequently Asked Questions I need to change my address and/or my phone number. What do I do? You need to advise CN Pension & Benefits Administration of any change of address. The CNPA cannot process any requests for address or phone number changes. CN Pensions & Benefits Administration will forward address changes to the CNPA so that any of our mailings will continue to reach you. Contact information for CN Pension & Benefits Administration is found on our Members Reference page. I need to change my banking information so that I continue to receive my monthly pension payment. What do I do? You need to advise CN Pension & Benefits Administration of any change of banking information. The CNPA cannot process any requests for this type of change. Contact information for CN Pension & Benefits Administration is found on our Members Reference page. A CN pensioner (or surviving spouse receiving a CN pension) has died? What should I do? There are a number of steps to be taken depending on the situation. The CNPA has put together a list of activities to help you in such circumstances. This information is found on the "Death of a Pensioner" page Is every CN pensioner a member of the CN Pensioners Association? ​No, not every CN pensioner or surviving spouse is currently a contributing member of the CNPA. Membership is optional; however, the CNPA is the only association that you have at your disposal to protect your interests, financial and otherwise regarding your pensions and/or benefits. Although the CNPA is a volunteer directed association, like any service organization it does require operating funds in which to conduct the business necessary for it to function successfully. Do I have to complete a membership application or renew my membership every year? ​The membership fee required to be a contributing member of the CNPA is $12 annually, which can be paid by (a) authorization of any CN pensioner or surviving spouse to have $1.00 per month deducted from their monthly pension cheque (payroll deduction) or (b) completion of a membership application accompanied by a cheque or money order in the amount of $12. By electing option (a) you never have to fill in any more applications and never have to worry about your membership dues as the $1.00 monthly deduction will continue each and every month unless you tell us to discontinue. So, the quick answer to the question is: If you elect payroll deduction, the answer is NO. If you wish to continue membership by paying annually, the answer is YES. More than 72% of contributing members have chosen payroll deduction and more are switching to PRD as they get to understand the benefits and convenience. We ask that you consider this method of paying membership dues so that we can keep our annual fee at the current low level of $12. We have unavoidable administrative costs and PRD helps us keep these costs at a minimum. How do I cancel my CNPA membership if I no longer wish to be a member? You may cancel your membership by sending an email to and requesting you be removed from the membership. How do I know if I am on pension payroll deduction (PPD)? For those pensioners who receive their monthly pension payments via direct deposit, periodically (at least once per year) you will receive a "Statement of CN Pension Benefits and Deductions" slip from the CN Pension Trust Fund. This information slip will show your "Total Amount Before Deductions" along with a "Description of Deduction", i.e. Federal Tax, Blue Cross Monthly Premium and CN Pensioners" Association deductions. For those pensioners who still receive their monthly pension payment by cheque, the $1.00 deduction for CN Pensioners' Association is shown on your cheque stub. On the membership application form, what do you mean by "To which local/council do you wish to belong"? ​​We have over 35 Local Councils strategically located throughout Canada. When we receive an application for membership we are obliged to assign the candidate to a Local Council. Our obligation is to associate the applicant to either (a) the closest local council to their geographical location or (b) a specific local council as chosen by the applicant. The choice is the prerogative of the applicant and you can be associated with any local council of your choice regardless of your current place of residence. What are the locations of the Local Councils? The CNPA is a tri-level association. The "parent" level is the National Council whose main objective is to be the liaison between the association and the company. The second level is comprised of 5 regions - Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and Mountain. The third level comprises the Local Councils within each of these regions. The full list is found on the Regional and Local Councils page. If a surviving spouse receiving a CN pension remarries, does he/she still receive the pension as the surviving spouse? ​​Yes. I am a surviving spouse of a CN pensioner. Can I also become a contributing member of the CNPA? YES, as a surviving spouse you are an important part of the CN pensioner population and we welcome your application to become a contributing member. The CNPA is there to protect the interests of both pensioners and survivors. If a CN pensioner marries after his/her date of retirement, is his/her spouse entitled to any portion of his pension in the event of his/her death? ​​No. To be entitled of a pension payment as a surviving spouse, the pensioner and spouse must be married at the date of retirement or living in a conjugal relationship at least one year prior to retirement. Are spouses of CN pensioners who are members of the CNPA automatically members of the CNPA as well? No. Spouses are NOT considered members unless the Dues Fee has been paid for them. If anyone wants their spouse to be a member, we can increase their Payroll Deduction to $2.00. When a pensioner passes away, the spouse will be sent an application for membership so she/he will have the option to become a contributing member. Nothing is automatic.

  • Comite provincial du Quebec (B1) |

    Québec Provincial Council (B1) Council Executive President Arthur Murphy St. Hilaire Tel: (819) 820-2848 Vice-President Serge Labadie Tel: (514) 943-4618 Treasurer Rémi La Haye Tel: (514) 631-3283 Secretary Louis Francois Garceau Tel: (418) 955-2466 Past President Yves Bourdon Tel: (450) 449-3444 Director Denise Arcand Tel: 450 686-9964 Director Marc Tessier Tel: (450) 676-7888 Québec Newsletters June 2023 January 2023 July 2022 February 2022 December 2021 October 2021 March 2021 National Council Representatives National Past President Yves Bourdon Tel: (450) 449-3444 Vice-President/National Director (Québec) Arthur Murphy St. Hilaire Tel: (819) 820-2848 National Director (Québec) Denis Cousineau Tel: National Director (Québec) Rémi La Haye Tel: (514) 631-3283 National Director - Alternate (Québec) Paul Goupil Tel: 418 839-2764 Pension Committee Denis Cousineau Tel: Pension Committee - Alternate Denise Arcand Tel: 450 686-9964 Health Care Committee Paul Goupil Tel: 418 839-2764 Health Care Committee - Alternate Charlotte Leblanc Tel: (514) 697-0459 Québec Provincial Council Constitution & By-Laws Other Council Positions National Newsletter - Québec Rémi La Haye Government Liaison - Québec Daniel Boiteau Auditor Claudette Hudon Auditor Denise Arcand Quebec Provincial Council AGM (via Zoom) - June 2023 Regional executives and delegates attending the 2023 AGM ​ Row 1: Yves G Bourdon, Ronald Lang, Roger Bouchard, Marc Tessier, Luc Cullen Row 2: William Théberge, Robert Beaudoin, Rémi La Haye, Mario Michaud, Paul Goupil Row 3: Daniel Leroux, André Bériault, Jean Bédard, Charlotte Leblanc, Roger Marchand Row 4: Léopold Provencher and Claude Chartrand, Denise Arcand, Arthur Murphy St Hilaire, Denis Godin, Denis C Cousineau Row 5: François Garceau

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